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it was amazing

Dear hopeless romantic, I'm so glad you have found the Unspoken Series! This is a 10 book series ending in late 2015. You can get free books from the series and take a quiz to find out how much you'll enjoy it before reading! Go here for more info!

The Unspoken Series
Book #1: Where Love Finds You (Available Now)
Book #2: Down from the Clouds (Available Now)
Book #3: The Life I Now Live (Available Now)
Book #4: Heart on a Shoestring (Available Now)
Book #5: Bloom (Available Now)
Book #6: When the City Sleeps (August 2014)
Book #7: A Thousand Words (December 2014)
Book #8: A Starless Midnight (March 2015)
Book #9: Prism (July 2015)
Book #10: Love, Me (December 2015)
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Quotes Marilyn Liked

Marilyn Grey
“Life isn't always about fireworks. Your fireworks will come, Sarah. And they'll fizzle out just as fast. Life's an experience, not a destination. All of us have the same destination, but not one of us has an identical experience. You'll find someone who will be there when the fireworks fizzle out and the sky turns black and love you just the same. That’s the one to hold onto.”
Marilyn Grey, Bloom

Marilyn Grey
“We're comfortable. He knows I love him. He can see it in my eyes, like I can in his. Not everything needs to be as you imagine. Passion can be a calm meadow just as much as a hurricane.”
Marilyn Grey, Bloom

Marilyn Grey
“Amazing how much more you appreciate the little things when all the big things are taken from you.”
Marilyn Grey, Bloom

Marilyn Grey
“Have you ever thought for once that when you look in the mirror you are hyper aware of your flaws? When the rest of us may see something different. Like a teenager with a pimple. She doesn't focus on her beautiful eyes and cute lips, she zeros in on the one tiny flaw and goes nuts over it." He put his hands behind his head and looked at the ceiling. "You need to stop obsessing over your scars. It's only a quarter of your face and I can't tell you the last time I noticed.”
Marilyn Grey, Bloom

Marilyn Grey
“You may think the actions that mean the most are the ones we get credit for, but I happen to believe they mean more when people aren't aware.”
Marilyn Grey, Bloom

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