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Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson by Patricia Briggs
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Nov 25, 2009

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Full disclosure: I am not a comic/graphic novel fan. I read Archie comics as a kid and made a failed attempt at reading Watchmen at the urging of a friend who swore I become a convert after trying it (I didn’t). I even bought a bunch on the Buffy season 8 and Angel After the Fall comics (which sat mostly unread on my shelves until I passed them on to more appreciative hands). What I am a fan of is Mercy Thompson, so I knew eventually I’d be picking up a copy of the Mercy graphic novel prequel HOMECOMING.

Up front I’ll say that HOMECOMING hasn’t changed my opinion on graphic novels as a whole, but knowing that from the outset, I did enjoy HOMECOMING for a number of reasons. It’s really, really pretty. There were several artists working collaboratively and some of their different styles are apparent from scene to scene (for example, Mercy has crazy buff thighs in one panel, and then a more balanced physique in the next), I found myself staring at the pages long after I’d ‘read them.’

The best part of HOMECOMING was getting to ‘see’ the characters and locations. Zee and Stefan are two of my particular favorites from the series and they each got quite a lot of face time, although Stefan looks nothing like how I imagined him.

The thing I missed the most in HOMECOMING was the same shortcoming I find in all graphic novels: the almost non existent dialogue and internal character thoughts. It’s all about the action scenes, which are very cool to see, but I expect more from a Mercy story than action.

There aren’t any real surprises here and the storyline is nothing special, but if you’re a Mercy fan, you’ll want to check out HOMECOMING to see everyone in action and get a little inside scoop on Mercy’s first few days in TriCity (slinging fries at Burger King, buying her trailer, and how she ended up with Medea the cat).

Sexual Content: Lots of naked Mercy art.

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