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Life of Pi by Yann Martel
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Nov 24, 2009

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Read in December, 2009

This book started off strong, kinda started to feel stale towards the middle, but then blew me away with the last 20 pages or so. I was ready to give it a 4, but I did get a little bored during the waiting in the4 boat section.

Following the life of Pi Patel, son of a zoo keeper, the story tells of his questions regarding faith as a boy and the extrodinary events of his shipwrecking(is that a word?) and amazing survival.

At its heart, this book brings about the question of religion and the value of story telling. Pi himself is a boy fasniated with religion, but loves it as a whole rather than finding himself able to commit to one religion. For him, it is crutial to simply believe ins oemthing rather than nothing. While he can love the athiest, it is the agnostic that he cannot fathom or tolerate. This idea is discussed in the beginning and then picked up at the very end, leaving the reader to wonder what did really happen on the lifeboat.

What I liked the most about this books is that it discusses rather than preaches. The idea of religion is very complex and worth debate, and never once does Martel seem to simply state that he has "figured" it out. But he continues asking questions and finds comfort in the idea of love that connects all of the meta-physical and surreal.

While I loved the deep thoughts and found so much to take away with, I found the events of Pi stranded on the boat to feel a bit stale after awhile, which hurt its rating for me since it was a majority of the book. After awhile, I just got sick of reading about his actions to get food and water and deal with the tiger, and found the sequence as a child at the zoo to be much mroe varied and interesting.

Overall, I am really glad I read this book and feel that it has so much that I can take away and think about.
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