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The Astrology of Self-Discovery by Tracy  Marks
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Once again I picked up this book and I just finished re-reading it on 11/12/2016. Really great book that covers a wide variety of astro topics from a great perspective. I just re-read my comments below and they are spot on. This must be the third time I read this book. Hmmm... makes me wonder why I keep on coming back to it every few years.
I have read this book a few years ago (writing this on July 12, 2014). Today I went into my 1000 book library, looking for something to read. I am so thrilled that I somehow picked up this book again and started browsing through it. Many crucial points that I needed to hear right now leaped out at me. First I love how she explains in detail how to look at transits and how not to look at them. Too many of us are caught up in this dance of dread and fear with tough transits. I love her open approach to them. Understanding that a transit that squares one of our planets is not about the square but about the energy of that transiting planet that we need to incorporate. The Square is there for urgency and when embraced, need not be as difficult. She writes about the nodes and understanding the integration between the SN and NN. I love the insight of having someone’s planet in Synastry conjuncting our South Node and how that truly may keep us in that comfortable place we need to break out from. There are so many great points that are easy to forget, that I think this book is great at reminding us.

Also some great points about New and Full moons. Today was a Full moon hitting my Asc/Desc axis. It made me look back and see big patterns when New Moons hit my Sun. I also loved her point about Progressed New and Full Moons which are about 14 years apart.

Most importantly a message I really needed to hear is about strong Pluto aspects to Natal planets that she covers extensively. It really gave me an eye opening insight in how to navigate, in a very practical manner, some Pluto squares I have in my chart.

A great book on keeping perspective in astrology. Tracey Marks, after Liz Greene, is my favorite astro writer in psychological astrology.

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