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it was ok

The thing Hearne needs to understand, something many other authors fail to understand (I'm looking at you Butcher!), is that "fans" of a series only have so much patience. Then, they become distracted by other series that are more proliferate in their publishing. When a new book comes out in a series that's popular but hasn't had a new release in a long time (1+ year), fewer readers are going to be passionate about picking it up.

The Jedi-series of books (Hearne's and others) is an established fan base. In addition, they have many other contributing authors to keep that fan base "happy" and interested. The Iron Druid Chronicles has only Hearne to produce stories in it. The longer he diverts his attention from writing/publishing the next story(ies), the more "fans" are going to lose their passion for that next publication: it then goes from a "gotz to have it" situation to one of " Eh, a new Iron Druid. I might pick it up in a month or two after I'm done with ." And, then, completely forget about it when the next book in their current interest appears...

Hearne's personal passion for the Star Wars universe is likely to cost him in his professional endeavors with regards to the popularity of the Iron Druid Chronicles. Oh well, maybe he's losing the passion for the characters or the myriad venues of story-lines he's laid out in the previous stories: that would be a shame. But, as is happening for me with the Dresden Files; once a year goes by without anything new, I've become more involved with new books and series to such an extent that I'm unlikely to buy a book in a series I haven't read in such a long time.

Hearne's choice of course, just as long as he doesn't assume that "fans" are going to be there in the same numbers for the next book: maybe they will, maybe they won't. This "fan" will likely have moved on and be involved with many other series that are producing stories quicker by the time 2016 rolls around....
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message 1: by Brennan (new)

Brennan Barnard oh no, its been a year and a new book hasn't come out?! how outrageous! how dare it take or a year to write a book, have it edited, approved by publishers, printed, sent to reviewers and shipped to stores! how dare an author write a book based on series he enjoys when the series is being revived! how dare he write books in the order he wants to, and release them according to the scheduled release dates!

Kaitlynn I don't see how you can attack Butcher in this. He has an insanely fast, consistent publication rate for books, and often gets *faster* when he's working on two series at once if you look at publication dates, not slower. The Dresden Files has slowed down slightly...because the books are getting longer and more complex as he builds up to the climax of the series. With that in mind, he is STILL fast and consistent. A year or two between books is practically instantaneous in this field.

Also, artists don't owe you anything. Authors aren't owned by their fans.

If your attention span is so short for something you profess to love, well, I think the problem may lie with you.

Kaitlynn Its almost as if you have no conception of the plotting-writing-rewriting-editing-beta reading-more editing process behind creating a 500 page book.

message 4: by Evan (new) - added it

Evan Agreed, as short as these books are, it is foolish to expect them to put them out on your own timeline. It will be done when it is done.

message 5: by Serack (new) - added it

Serack heh the kvetching here is actually the reason why I have yet to pick up, GrrM's work even though I am anxious to read his stuff. In the end, what matters is that I really enjoy Hearne's work just as I enjoy Butcher's. And I will gladly shell out the Green when it comes out.

Sandra If you're that easily distracted, you aren't much of a fan.

Sandra It's pathetic really that you people would rather have churned out crap than a quality book...or maybe you're just unable to see the difference between the two.

message 8: by Ima (new)

Ima Hoers I'm not quite sure what this has to do with Jim Butcher. The man churns a Dresden book out once a year, every year, give or take a handful of months.

If he manages to do that while building another IP, more power to him.

message 9: by Ontrose (last edited May 16, 2015 04:56AM) (new)

Ontrose Well to be honest i do not understand the statement above.
In the end it all comes down to this:
An Author is sharing some of his thoughts, ideas and in the end a part of himself to the world. To US.
It is his choice what or when he writes. Like it is our choice if we want to read it.

Yes some "fans" might switch to other books. Who cares? I doubt he is the kind of writer, whom solely writes for money.

I dont understand why people complain that it takes a year or two for a good book. I mean honestly. Dont you have more important things to do then probably annoying the authors with statements like:#
"Release the book soon or i wont buy it" and thats what your statement comes down to in the end.

Another part of this special series is the annoyingly huge amount of lore he has get familiar too.
How many Pantheons are involved already? Christians, Hindu, some Asian Spirits, Native American, Irish and and and.
The amount of time studying the Edda and other things about them does take MONTHS.
GRRM and his Sword of Ice and Fire does not have any prewritten lore (with which i mean REAL LIFE lore). It is much "easier" to have an overview and he can always change it but as far as i know, Hearne does try to stick to the originial mythology. So he has to get used to it.

But anyway, this "produce the story or i'm gone" is incredible stupid.
I mean, i will wait for the story as long as it takes. Yes i do read multiple other storys while waitin, nontheless i wait eagerly for the release.
But its the AUTORS choice when he will share his story.

In the end i do read the story because I really like and appreciate them not because they are simply there.
And if i like somethin i am willing to wait for it.

What you are doing is basically like this:
Right now there is a soccer pause because of Winter. You go the players and say "Sorry i will not watch your games because you have a seasonal break, i will stick with basketball now instead, they play all year long".

I mean come on:
They are willing to SHARE their storys with you. Appreciate it. And even though my english is quite bad, the capital A on appreciate was on purpose.

Oh and least of all: You rate a book which is NOT RELEASED with "It was OK". What kind of logic is that? Öö Make a post on his FB site or go for a random forum but not in a review setion for an unreleased book.

message 10: by Bear (new) - rated it 3 stars

Bear 2016..............................Fuck...........

message 11: by Sandra (last edited May 20, 2015 01:55AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sandra Ontrose wrote: "Well to be honest i do not understand the statement above.
In the end it all comes down to this:
An Author is sharing some of his thoughts, ideas and in the end a part of himself to the world. To U..."

Yes. Yes. Yes.

What it all comes down to is that Robert Brown is a consumer, not a fan, and what he really wants is the book form of fast food.

message 12: by Roh (new) - rated it 3 stars

Roh I guess I'm lucky. I can follow many different series of books and enjoy the hell out of them all. Jim! Kevin! Take your time. There will be other things to read until you are ready.

Joshua Treece What we have friend is a Genuine dumb ass who doesn't understand that that good authors have to take time to make there books good not that hearne isn't a good one. My point is that you Robert need to go put a helmet on!!!

Brian Reed Hey, everyone's entitled to their opinion.
But why would you give 2 stars to a book that's not out yet. The rate system is there for people who have read the rate a book you haven't's a dick move.

Joshua Treece Yea that maybe the case but I also have the right to to let anyone know that there a Dumbass

Joshua Treece Yea that maybe the case but I also have the right to to let anyone know that there a Dumbass

Brian Reed I don't have a problem with that.

message 18: by Aminar (new) - added it

Aminar George RR Martin and Pat Rothfuss say Hi.

Joshua Treece Hi pat hi George

Joshua Treece Hi pat hi George

Jared Wall Strongly disagree with you on this. Staked is book 8 of the series and Kevin has consistently been sending out novellas and short stories to keep the readers interested. I think he's doing a fine job and laud him for branching out into other series and writing.

Julia Nope. Especially with Goodreads. I have a good list of books I want to read - including one specially for books that haven't been published yet. Every few months I look at that list and research if there's anything new about the books I've been waiting for.

Besides, Shattered was published in 2014, and Staked is scheduled for 2016. That's really not so long.

That you include Butcher in this complaint really says something about you. He was publishing one book per year earlier in the series. He's slowed down a bit recently, but has also finished Codex Alera, started his new steampunk series, and his Dresden plots are getting more and more complex.

If you're so easily distracted from a series you love, then start keeping lists.

message 23: by Dani (new) - added it

Dani Helms Idiots like you, Robert, are the reason that humans need to be more involved in natural selection. Try writing a 500 page story with as many subplots and as much character development as these ARTISTS and see if it isn't fit for toilet paper. THOSE THAT CAN NOT DO, SHOULD KEEP THEIR MOUTHS SHUT.

message 24: by Jodi (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jodi Sheridan Well this is stupid. You give it 2 stars and it isn't even out yet? I enjoy these books and don't mind waiting. I'd rather a good story than have the author shit out stories quickly to appease people like you.

Kitvaria Sarene Hahaha... This has me in tears it's so nonsensical! All I can say is: Go on, read something else, that's your loss. I have waited for years between books, that doesn't make me love them one bit less. Yes, I'd like them to come out faster, but I'd also like to win the lottery... ;) And I'd rather have a good book and wait for it, then some hastily assembled mediocre stuff!

message 26: by Mike (new) - rated it 3 stars

Mike don't you think it's kind of misleading rating this book 2 stars based on the frequency of all the books in the series instead of this books individual quality? Not cool, dude.

message 27: by Brian (new)

Brian Whittle Authors should take however long it takes to write a book, he released 7 books in 3 and a half years, maybe he needed to recharge.

message 28: by S.A. (new) - rated it 2 stars

S.A. My attention span is not in peril. I will wait, and I will read the next book.

Fraggle Dear Mr. Hearne. Please take your time and continue to write quality over quantity. There's plenty of other great stuff to read in the meantime, but this is a series that I'm in for the log haul.
Dear impatient readers. You're not helping. Maybe don't start reading a series until it's finished?

Codey Blair Well with "fans" like you who needs the apathetic.
I can read a good book in a matter of days, so no author in the world could keep up with the pace I "want". Having to wait for a book in a series to be published has led me to find new authors to enjoy, thankfully. If you're willing to give up a good book out of impatience then it's really your loss. By all means don't buy it, no ones going to lose sleep over it. I'm sure the authors you don't have the patience for know you don't speak for the true fans of their work. Besides I'm willing to bet you will read it eventually anyway.....

Amyiw I find the best authors give their work time to coalesce and form, and become great, Briggs, Andrews, Singh, Bishop, etc.... they always seem to take at least a year. This series wasn't even supposed to have another book, so we are lucky that 1 1/2 years after the last one, we are going to get more. To get new ideas together for 3 books... pretty good. And I agree with the above statement, I read a book in 1-3 days depending on time, and there is no way he could keep up. Once read, I go on to other books and within a month, only remember the basics of the plot and humor, so 1 month, or 2 years, if I know I love a series and a book comes out, I read it. That is what fans do, not complain that it is too long a wait, say they aren't going to read it and give it low stars without reading it. You can write a review with no stars for comments like this.

Sandra Amyiw wrote: "I find the best authors give their work time to coalesce and form, and become great, Briggs, Andrews, Singh, Bishop, etc.... they always seem to take at least a year. This series wasn't even suppos..."

Um, Kevin has said all along it would be 9 books. Follow him on FB. He's a hoot.

Sandra You IDIOTS that think books should be written faster? Go by crap books that pop out every 3 months. You're incapable of enjoying a GOOD book.

Nana  Devourer of Tomes Oh wow, it's almost as if authors, I don't know, HAVE A PERSONAL LIFE, other books to work on, or something absurd like that!

message 35: by Rob (new) - rated it 5 stars

Rob Durdle This is why TV shows no longer have full title songs, viewer impatience.

If the time to perfect a book pushes out the release ? I'm fine with that.

Authors aren't book factories, they're artists. Art. Takes. Time.

Johanna I refer you to Neil Gaiman, who reminds us that "George R. R. Martin is not your bitch." Or any other writer, for that matter.

Amyiw Great link!

Sandra Nana wrote: "Oh wow, it's almost as if authors, I don't know, HAVE A PERSONAL LIFE, other books to work on, or something absurd like that!"

Loud applause!

message 39: by Meghan (new) - added it

Meghan Johnson I was actually lucky enough to meet Kevin Hearne this weekend at his book signing in Asheville. Did you know that as well as being a father, husband, and human being, he also works as an English teacher? Yes, he is currently on a leave of absence for his book tour, but he is trying very hard to work on this book series. He is also trying to work on a collection of short stories that round out some of the adventures that are mentioned but not detailed in the books. As for his Star Wars novelizations, that was a personal decision that he chose to do based on a childhood question he had on what happened between the first two movies (original trilogy), and a dream come true for him. And he's not in this for the money. He just wants to get his stories out there. This series started as a way for him to deal with his father's declining health due to Alzheimer's and his wife convinced him to publish it. Kevin Hearne is the most down to earth person I have ever met. When he walked into the bookshop, he actually started to blush because everyone started clapping for him. So before you start complaining about how long an author is taking on a book, maybe you should do some research into their lives.

Also, if you're upset that you had to wait this long for this one, you're in for a treat with the next according to what Mr. Hearne revealed at his signing. But perhaps that's too much for you right now...

Sandra He also was approached by the Star Wars franchise about doing the book. A high compliment! He did not just decide to whip out a Star Wars book to annoy Robert the Whiner. I will see Kevin in Beaverton tomorrow! Our third Kevin visit. He's always so entertaining and insightful.

Jessica Macri I have enjoyed this series so much, I don't mind waiting. It gives me the chance to go back and reread the other books as a refresher. Kind of like I did with Harry Potter, or watching the LOTRs movies. True fans don't mind!

message 42: by John (new) - rated it 3 stars

John Grose this a review of the book? The book gets two stars? Or does the release schedule get two stars?

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