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Forbidden Love by Stormy Glenn
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Nov 17, 2009

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I'm not going to rate this anthology as I've only read Aleksandr Voinov's Deliverance and won't be reading the others, not even Stormy Glenn's, which I had planned to.

Reason? I was so starved for another Vashtan book that I caved in and bought Forbidden, willing to pay for the other stories just to read Voinov's. Many of you enjoy historicals but not only is it not a genre I read anymore, back even in the days when I did read them, I wouldn't touch one set in the Middle Ages.

Well, what can I say? Voinov's contribution is so beautiful, I wish it weren't set in a period I avoid like The Plague. I won't bother to repeat the synopsis. Suffice that Voinov manages to infuse in this short tale, a lightheartedness that is at odds with the times and the place and, even odder still, in a situation that's anything but lighthearted. Guilt. Penance. Sin. All the reasons I avoid this period of history. Deliverance has all that but more than all - it has a very special touch that I am finding difficulty in describing.

In Deliverance, Voinov presented me with the consummation of a love affair that began six years ago, and while way too short for me, it nevertheless that left me with a smile. A somewhat peeved one, if there's such a thing, but that was how I felt. Happy but irritated, too. In a nice way. And that's saying a lot since on top of detesting anything set in this period, I also Do Not Buy Or Read Anthologies. Voinov, however, has a way of telling this love story that was almost lyrical and which drew me into the spell cast by the forbidden love between these two men. Like Vashtan's & Marquesate's Special Forces, William and Guy are men all the way but unlike SF, there is an elegance in the writing here that I found missing in SF. I know it's not fair to compare a mega-novel like SF with a short story like Deliverance but I couldn't help it. Same author, even if the half of SF is missing here.

So yes, I loved Deliverance even though I shouldn't. And this Voinov guy just has to get off his butt and write a contemporary romance!
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message 1: by ElaineY (new) - added it

ElaineY I'll be reading Deliverance first - the reason why I bought this anthology - then Stormy Glenn's. I don't plan on reading the other two.

message 2: by Aleksandr (last edited Nov 18, 2009 01:33AM) (new) - added it

Aleksandr Voinov Now *you* made me smile. Thank you, that will carry me through the workday. I'm glad you enjoyed it despite yourself. Hope you won't mind when I write "The Lion of Kent" - the "whole story of Guy and William". :)

message 3: by ElaineY (new) - added it

ElaineY Hope you won't mind when I write "The Lion of Kent" - the "whole story of Guy a..."

Now that I know what it's going to be like, how could I not?

message 4: by Aleksandr (new) - added it

Aleksandr Voinov Hah. WIN. :)

(Now I have to sit down and write it). Next one's "Transit", which should hopefully get finished in the next few days and then goes off to the publisher.

message 5: by ElaineY (new) - added it

ElaineY Just make sure I don't end up reading the one where one of the protags dies. You're SO dead if that happens.

Bryl Tyne LOL you guys are funny. I'm glad you liked Deliverance, Elaine. Told you, it was worth it! :)

message 7: by Aleksandr (new) - added it

Aleksandr Voinov Elaine - I will warn you when it comes out. "may contain death". :)

message 8: by ElaineY (last edited Nov 18, 2009 11:24PM) (new) - added it

ElaineY Aleksandr - ...and you know WHOSE it'll be.

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