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The Trouble with Moonlight by Donna MacMeans
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I really enjoyed this book! It combined three of my favorite genres; historical romance, paranormal romance, and romantic suspence!

Lusinda Havershaw is a nevidimi. She becomes invisible when she absorbs the rays from the moon. She uses this to her advantage by running a recovery (not theft!) business. One night while she is recovering an item from a safe, she is spotted, well not her exactly, but the necklace she is recovering is oddly floating through the air.

James Locke is on a mission for The Queen. He is to recover a list of names of agents working for the Crown before it falls into the hands of the Russians. While searching the contents of a safe, he is interrupted by another mystery. Someone or something invisible has taken a necklace out of the safe he was just searching and is now carrying the necklace through the house. It is as if the necklace is floating through mid-air! He does not call himself a spy for no reason so he follows the necklace to it's home and determines to find out what or whom is behind this!

James figures out very quickly what Lusinda is. He is very smart and observant. There are some very funny parts to this book including when he first discovers that the invisible thing is a woman, a very naked woman at that! You see, she can only become invisible, not her clothing, so she runs about town naked during her recovery efforts! Another hilarious thing is that she learned everything she knows about what goes on between a man and a woman from when she snuck in a whore house called the Velvet Slipper while she was invisible, she was just curious! She is quite funny every time she does something to try to attract the attentions from James that she had seen a woman do for a man at the Velvet Slipper, including bending over and shimmying in front of him, with his reaction being "Lu...Lusinda, what are you doing?". Another time being in the carriage when she is invisible and the things the two of them do, funny and steamy!

Very entertaining and fast read, I recommend it to everyone who loves all these aspects of a story!

Lusinda- Reese Witherspoon [image error]
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 Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) This sounds fun. I look forward to reading it. Great review!

message 2: by Angelc (last edited Dec 12, 2009 03:04PM) (new) - added it

Angelc Great review, Cheryl! I really liked this one too! I haven't read her newest book yet, I need to buy it!

Cheryl What is her new book? I have really enjoyed both books I read by her!

message 4: by Angelc (new) - added it

Angelc It's called "The Seduction of a Duke." :)

message 5: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Great review! I heard about it earlier, but really wasn't sure what to make of it.

Cheryl Melissa wrote: "Great review! I heard about it earlier, but really wasn't sure what to make of it. "

It's a good one! You should definitely give it a try and her other one I've read The Education of Mrs. Brimley. They are both very entertaining!

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