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it was amazing
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I first read this book in sixth grade. When I tell people this, they usually look at me in an appalled fashion, and ask if my parents knew I was reading it. And I tell them, yes, my mother knew, before I was even finished with the first entry. I had/ have a tendency to talk openly with my mother, especially upon the topic of books. When she saw that I was reading it, she looked at me a moment, then said something along the lines of: "Rachel, if you weren't such a mature reader/person, I would tell you not to read that book." And so, I read it, and felt deeply moved.
But what does this have to do with GO ASK ALICE? Everything. Though I suggest that Everyone read this book, I do agree with my mother, that for certain reasons, the reader must be mature enough to digest this true story of a girl, and not mock it or pull its lines to pieces with sayings such as: "like this would happen" or "whatever". They must look within the depths of this girl's words, and try to understand what she was feeling as she wrote them. Through drugs, befriending a BP, rape, and horrible circumstances that make you see things differently, this girl pours out her soul to her diary, and eventually, to the world.
In conclusion, I feel that I should make it known that it is not most important to reflect soaly (sp?) upon the book in any review, but the impact that it has upon the individual. A year after having first read GO ASK ALICE, I was stunned to find that somebody, perhaps the school library, had white-outed many of the words, either curse words, or one's not 'deemed fit' for the student to read. And I couldn't help but wonder, if they are going to alter the story in such a fashion, why not just pull the books off the shelf intirely, because with things 'censored' out, what use is the book then, without its full impact and meaning?
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Annalyn I love this book also. I was ever so deeply moved. My mom new i was reading a book on a drug addictted teenager, she never really noticed what i was reading. She thinks she knows what i read and whats it about but she has never looked at the books i read. If i try to get her to be somewhat involved in what i read, she makes some odd commit that gets me all made and anoyed. I knew i never wanted to try drugs though nobody has ever talked to me. This book made me reasure that i really didn't want to do them.

Dragonfly74j i apologize if i sound patronizing, but what fairy land do you live in???? no teenage girl wrote this, it was written by the supposed "editor" who "edited"/wrote several other books meant to scare kids, but had the completely opposite effect......read all the other reviews and see what i mean.

message 3: by Keisha (new) - added it

Keisha I read it in sixth grade too and we had to do journal entries on the books we read and it was kinda awkward telling my teacher that!!

Jill i read this in 6th or 7th grade too! my sister gave it to me as a b-day present!

Annie Jillian wrote: "i read this in 6th or 7th grade too! my sister gave it to me as a b-day present!"

as a brithday present, really!?

Annie I guess this is more of a junior high read. I am shocked there are so many bad reviews on this book.

Annie Dragonfly74j wrote: "i apologize if i sound patronizing, but what fairy land do you live in???? no teenage girl wrote this, it was written by the supposed "editor" who "edited"/wrote several other books meant to scare ..."

i just found it as an intresting read, scare or no scare. it didn't matter drugs are not a part of my life.

Betti That's plain lies. At the beggining of the book, I can read "This book is a work of fiction... "

Kaylee I read this in the sixth grade. And even though I knew it wasn't real it impacted my out look on life. I now want to become a social worker.

Rachel To those who dwell upon the fact that I said "she" as though it were a personal narrative, I am well aware of what this book is and what is not. It is not the true detailed diary of a girl and my "she"'s were an implication of narration through the character, not the author. By making the narrator, a fictional character, an author of a journal, Sparks was making it so that there is a relatable truth to it and an ability to merely say "she", not "that character that nothing ever happened to because she isn't real", so in no way with saying this am I strictly implying that I believe these words to be whole hearted truth.

That said, the fact that this is a work of fiction should not make it any less powerful than if it were otherwise. Although there is great power in ethos, this book appeals to logos and so very strongly to pathos that it is hard not to feel some emotional response to it, be it hate, loathing, fear, love, or perhaps the need for redemption.

Also, a review is an subjective interpretation of a piece of literature, as is the writing of a book itself. I can understand disagreeing with a person and their views, but being hostile in any manner unless provoked is not something that I can understand.

Hope anyone who hasn't read this book goes out and does sometime!!!

Amanda I read this book in the 7th grade, of my own free will. At the time, I was a lot like Alice. Wanting acceptance, trying drugs, and drinking. To this day, this is one of my favorite books.

Tracy Elizabeth This book was great!

message 13: by Jill (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jill I just looked back at my comment about getting this book as a birthday present, I guess it made me sound like a drug addict, I'm not. My sister had read it around the same age, and thought that I should to. At the time I was transitioning from a suburban school to a middle school in a multicultural city, which my sister had also attended. It's actually pretty funny, because there is a smaller population of students that are drug addicts in my inner city high school than there are at the suburban high school in my hometown. Hmm I guess that's a stereotype of inner city schools, but it's not always true...

message 14: by Jill (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jill Oh, and by the way this book will forever be one of my favorites.

Sharon James I read it in sixth grade too and am reading it again now

message 16: by Mary (new) - rated it 2 stars

Mary I believed this book when I was young. I also liked this book when I was young. I also believed in the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus.

Mariama thats true this book is moving and its very inspiring. once you read it you wont put it down the begining was kind of boaring. alice was just an ordinary girl but when you finish reading it you cant help but wonder how alice an ordinary girl who also walk with us in the hallway went from an ordinary girl to a girl who sells drug to 12 year old. she live in a dirty apartment with her freind. i remenber when she describe going to one of her frends place and saw that most beautiful funiture. its truly is sad i remenber reading a quote that said enter her world and you will never forget her and that quote is true i read this book many years and yet i remenber her. i defineatly dont hate her but i feel sorry for her. because i feel if i wasnt raized by my wonderful parent i would be in her shoes. this book make me greatful for my parent because i know no matter what my parent arent gong to let me walk that road the road taht alice did and ended up dying.

Serena I read this in 6th grade, too. Actually, I just finished it, because I am in 6th grade. I don't know why there is so many bad reviews! I don't think the book is THAT bad.

Rosalynn Reads Stuff I'm in sixth grade and planning to read it. Whenever people ask what I'm reading, I answer the title of a book written for the teen area of age. My best friend and I read similar types of books along the same fashion. I'm not sure why there are so many bad reviews on this books, though. My friend let me read a bit of her copy (I'm getting Jay's Journal later and we'll be trading off), and so far I actually quiet enjoy it. I agree that the reader also has to be mature enough to understand what's going on in the story. I read a 12-year-old's review and how she was very "disappointed" in it. I think it all just depends on the knowledge of family life/ drugs/ alcohol you have. I'm currently 11 (12 in May) and I feel like I literally have a natural knowledge of all these things. Plus, being at a public middle school with 8th graders saying "gay" the wrong way can improve that knowledge. I also agree with you on the over-used censer. I think that even just filling the spaces with inaccurate locations would make a larger impact.

Morgan I completely agree that this book is for more mature people. The fact that some many people read this in 6th grade is crazy because I'm sixteen and just know reading it. I also agree that everyone should read this because it shows you how others have lived. Not everyone has a perfect life and this show that.

Michelle I agree with you 100% I also read this in the 6th grade and it was actually my mom who recommended it to me, it was her book when she was an eighth grader. One of my favorite books! Definitely recommend it!:)

crystal usrey i read this book in high school and my first thought was "this reminds me of an Ellen Hopkins book" don't get me wrong, i LOVE her books but this book just didn't live up to my expectations - still a really great read :-)

Anella I read this book when I was in the sixth grade as well. In the early 1970's. My teacher was outraged that I was reading it. My mother bought my copy for me. To this day, I tell people the book scared me away from ever trying drugs. I'm 55 now and I never tried them.

Addie Kelly I agree completely with this comment, as the book has been considered 'banned' to some libraries. The story has some edited parts added to intrigue more, and make more people understand harsh consequences, but what book isnt edited or have added effects to make it better? this stories underlying message of "drugs are the worst thing that could happen to you" is definitely for those who are more mature. However, the effects of drugs described is what brings the story together, and makes it the good book it truly is.

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