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I Surrender by Monica  James
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really liked it

So, this is a tough one for me so i'll try and make sense of my thoughts and put them in some kind of order that you might understand!

I went into this blind, only the blurb as an indication of what to come. I hadn't read any reviews but as this is a best selling series I thought I was onto a winner.

I will be totally honest... The first 25% of this book did nothing for me. I didn't (and still don't) understand the insta attraction between Ava and Jasper. I understand that you can find someone overwhelmingly attractive instantly, but not the all consuming, 'I get you', feelings that these two had. Pretty much the first time these two talked, Jasper tells her that he basically knows her inside and out and I found myself rolling my eyes. Ava was so self deprecating and Jasper needed to 'man up'!! I just wanted to bang their heads together! I didn't feel a connect at all.
BUT... at the 25% (ish) mark, the story picked up, the writing really evolved and the characters developed beautifully. Yes, they are still frustrating at times, but aren't all characters like that sometimes?!
I started to 'feel' what they were feeling, and see what made them attracted to each other.
Ava really started to settle, and at 22 years old was starting to find herself and live a little.
You could see the transformation in Jasper, he started to believe that he is worthy to love and be loved and their friendship develops beautifully.
I was screaming at them 'You don't want to be friends, just fcuk already!!' and when they do give into the inevitable, sheesh, it is really very hot. There are sparks when it comes to Jasper and Ava, and there wasn't an intimate scene that didn't heat me from the inside.
There are also misunderstandings and plenty of trust issues to overcome, but Ava and Jasper and clearly made for each other and I knew they would come good in the end.

There are lots of characters that contributed to this book being what it is.
Ava's best friend 'V'is very cool. Straight talking and no nonsense she is my kinda girl. She is an awesome friend to Ava, and isn't afraid to call her out if she thinks she needs it!
Indie, AKA The Bitch. She is clearly very jealous and has a complicated relationship with Jasper. She can see that there is something very special between Ava and Jasper and is going to do everything in her power to put a stop to it. As much as I don't condone any of her actions, I felt sorry for her. She knew she would never be enough for Jasper but can't let go.

'I Surrender' is the first book in a trilogy so it goes without saying that it will leave you wanting more. It doesn't end with a 'what the hell am I gonna do now' moment. More like a 'that's not so bad but I really can't wait until the next' ending.

So, after a shaky start, I am really pleased that this book really developed into one I enjoyed. Jasper is a sweetheart, and I will definitely be investing in their continuation and starting the next book 'Surrender to me'.

4 Stars ****
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