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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling
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I forgot how much this book annoys me. Umbridge is terrible and annoying - I know that's how she's meant to be, but at times I just couldn't stand listening to her nonsense anymore! Jim Dale does a wonderful imitation of her simpering voice and her stupid cough, but that 'hem hem' got on my nerves real quick.

I feel like Hagrid gets more reckless and clueless with each novel. Despite the trio proving time and time again that they know what's going on, Hagrid never takes their good advice. Is he really that stupid? I also feel like his relationship with the trio never really progresses. He's like a father-figure to Harry (or perhaps, a well-meaning, dopey uncle) but it only seems that way on the surface. I think he could have given Harry a bit more credit. But of course, everything has to go wrong so Harry can put it right again.

I'm totally over the 'get on the train, get to school, go to classes, take exams and get back on the train home' again formula. I know that's a key part of basically all the books (except 7), but it's one that's wearing on me. I wanted more action!

I also forgot how cheap Sirius's death feels. -eyeroll- talk about death for the sake of death. And it's not even how he died (though as a kid I was dumbstruck), but just the fact that he does, after essentially hiding away through the previous books and this one. Yes, it's sad that Harry loses someone whose almost family and his potential shot at moving away from the Dursleys - but I'm sad for Harry's sake, not because Sirius as a character is gone. I feel like I don't know him.

Anyway, I'm sure to fans I seem overly critical, but this is my goodreads account and I'll say what I want!

But seriously, it's still a decent listen, especially with Jim Dale narrating. I'm interested in finishing this 'reread' because I know I've forgotten all the little details.

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