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Solibo Magnificent by Patrick Chamoiseau
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Nov 15, 2009

really liked it

I love this book because it uses meta-fiction so naturally to bring the author into the narrative, and it has a very dry use of humor. I particularly love how the author uses great narratorial techniques to show how authorities automatically dismiss and denigrate the poor people they encounter and how the author gets wrapped up into the same shocking off-hand dismissal. It's brilliant.

This is the kind of writing that I find says more about the human spirit and says it more accurately than other books such as A FINE BALANCE. A Fine Balance is Dickensean yes, but it damns everyone eternally. The rich crush the poor deliberately, etc. It misses the point that everyone sees themselves as the good guys. In A Fine Balance everyone really poor gets caught in the same kind of crushing box over and over again--as if they can learn nothing.

Solibo shows much of the same issues -- yes, everybody's poor and leaping around to survive, but the spirit is not meek and clueless. When people are oppressed, they return fire if and when they can--the author joining in with them.
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