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Silas Marner by George Eliot
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Nov 13, 2009

really liked it

question 12
are you puzzled on or confused about anything in the story? whatis it that confuses you, and why do you find it confusing?

this book is amazing and awesome. in the beginning(1,2,3 chapters) i regret taking this book. But i endeavor to focus on it. The other chapters were fantastic.
however, in this book, i m very confuse about mr SILAS behaviour and mr GODFREY attitude.
in fact, after DUNSEY'S(GODFREY'S brother) has stolen mr SILAS SILAS has become sad, hungry and desperate. everything change in his life. he didn't have any feelings for life. he hated everything around him. but when he adopted PERRIE (GODFREY little child) he became bit by bit happier and interested about life in the village. he began new life. persons in the village started to appreciate him.
in contrast GODFREY who love and admire NANCY hated his wife(molly). one day he said:''he would rather die than acknowledge her as his wife''. he chose to abandun his daughter (perry) just for the love he has for nancy.
in my opinion, this story is very confuse in some parts: one (SILAS) tries to be good and reasonnable and other (GODFREY) just follow his passion (love for NANCY)instead of taking care of his child( PERRIE)

14:why do you think the author wrote this story? where did he or she get the idea or the characters? what message do you think that the author is trying to share?

in my opinion, the author is very smart. he writes this story because he wants to strech people(reader) mind. he wants to show them the reality of life. he takes example in some persons behaviour and notice the mistake they have done. he wants to tell the right side of fact the readers can learn on this book and take good examples.
i guess, he has this idea from his own life or people around him. perhaps, he just collect different kind of story and make his own history.
the narrator is trying to share his moral, his intelligence and maybe his own experienc. also he attends to make up humans mind about theirs behaviour and their attitude.

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message 1: by Nancy (new)

Nancy 11-18-09
Hi Adama,

I'm really pleased that you chose this classic, and I wonder why you did. It looks like you persevered in your endeavor (thanks for using that new vocabulary word) because you ended up liking the book.

You really do a good job of offering critical comments. Keep up the excellent work, Adama!


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