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Chibi Vampire, Vol. 01 by Yuna Kagesaki
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Nov 13, 2009

it was amazing

Karin Maaka is a vampire. Once a month her blood increases and starts bleeding from her nose. To avoid getting intense nose bleeds she has to inject it to someone else. She is a vampire who gives blood rather than taking blood from humans. But when the transfer student, Kenta Usui, is around Karin, her blood reacts to him and her increasing blood even comes earlier every month. Karin has to avoid Kenta as much as she can but he is in her class and has the same job as her. Soon Karin finds out that her blood reacts to people who are miserable. Kenta's mother is one of those miserable people and when Karin bites her, Kenta's mother's misery goes away. Kenta's mom's memory was erased but Kenta saw the whole thing. He starts to get suspicious and thinks that maybe Karin's a vampire.

I thought is was a pretty good book and it was very interesting.
The theme of the book would be keeping secrets can hide your true identity, or something like that. So yea i would recommended this book to everyone that likes vampires books and you could read this book at and just look up this book there. hehehe ^-^ piece laterz

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