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A Very Merry Christmas by Lori Foster
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did not like it

“granny.” you're a grown man and you're calling your grandmother "granny"?
“hoochie.” who talks like that?
How are we supposed 2 like someone that’s called a total nutcase. I mean, the guy’s been talking crap about her and women like her since the beginning.
She seriously didn’t know what that was. she said she’s not a virgin &yet you have no idea what it is. You ask if it’s a gun. Which, he’s an officer of the law, so it’s a legitimate question, but it was still ridiculous!
Why didn’t they say the donkey was real? I thought it was fake.
I love animals, too. but this animal psychic thing is kinda weird.
And what kind of name is ozzie?!? Ughhh!
“irresistible bod.” Omg. You did not just say that out loud.
You can hear the donkeys thoughts&fears….&when he was to go to the bathroom. Um. Oh-kayyy. This is just random &weird. &has no connection to the story whatsoever. I thought I was getting a Christmas book. Not a jerk SWAT guy and a crazy girl. I cant connect to these characters at all.
“behind.” Who says that? Or this-“stellar legs.”
‘didn’t consider marci delusional, just fanciful.’ You’ve been calling her crazy from the start!
‘he hated seeing any man disrespect a woman.’ You stare &act disrespectful to her all the time, too! you freakin hypocrite.
“because you like me?” ozzie had never been the type to abuse anyone, but especially not a woman. At the same time, he didn’t want to give her false impressions.’ What are you talking about? abuse makes it sound like you’re talking about hitting a woman, which has nothing to do with what you’re talking about. why don’t you use a different word there?
They both talk like children at times. Ex.”gnarly.”
“keep your fingers out of your mouth and your tongue where I can see it.” ok, this guy is way to sexual.
You actually warmed up to the fact of being a dad with that crazy girl. WTH is this? I wanted to slam the book down right then.
Are we supposed to feel sorry for him about his crazy ex? Cuz I don’t. at all. That sounded way to stupid and unrealistic.
“his window lowered a mere 5 inches.” That isn’t “mere” at all. How much do you have to roll it down to talk to someone?
“have you asked her?” “yes. Twice.” Marci didn’t recognize the fellow at all. She yelled out the window, “he could be telling the truth, osbourne, although idr meeting him.”
Do you realize what you just said? You idiot.
“men see me as an airhead, and maybe easy.” “id say they dk you very well.” “no, they don’t. im not an airhead. Did you seriously just admit you’re easy? And you do act like an idiot.
Carrying her bag to the car doesn’t make him nice, or a gentleman. He’s crude and disrespectful. &is way to sexual.
The women watching them leave was stupid. all you had to say was you were gunna be away for the holidays. You didn’t have to knock on every door and inform everyone.
They moved way too fast. They almost did it &then all of a sudden wanna spend Christmas together.
You stop him from saying donkey’s a**, but not that he loves your a**.
“fine behind.” Who talks like that?
‘women always got giddy over his size; he’d learned to take it in stride. In fact, sometimes their enthusiasm almost seemed demeaning. Dumb as it sounded, and he’d never admit it to another guy, he wanted to be seen as more than a well-hung stud.’ You treat marci the same exact way-as a sexual object, you freakin hypocrite.
Idk how many times he said marci wasn’t like Ainsley. I wanted to smack him. we didn’t even get the whole story there. And I cant believe he didn’t even tell marci.
OMG. I hate books that are broken up into different stories. This book was too short for one story, much less 3. I guess I forgot it wasn’t one story, but when I got to the end of the 1st one, I was so shocked.

By Firelight-
Idk why she acted like her story was so bad. So you were with friends, they left you, you stayed behind. Im missing the story here.
“the man was a stranger. Despite the confidences she had shared with him, he had offered nothing of his own background.”
So 4 pages l8r you wanna have sex with the stranger.
“maddy touched him deeply, made him yearn for things he had given up on a long time ago.”
“the thought of maddy lying dead in a snowdrift made him feel sick.” I HATE when feelings happen so freakin soon.
“he touched her occasionally, just to reassure himself that she was real.”
“he would gladly take credit for rescuing her if it meant she was tied to him in some way.” OMG.
“I look a fright.” Who talks like that?!
“my mother warned me about women like you.” I know he’s joking, at least I think he is, but do you really wanna be THAT girl?
“if she hadn’t found love, it wasn’t her fault.” You don’t know her well enough to say something like that.
“how many books have you published?”
“three so far. This will be my fourth.”
His eyes widened. “wow.”
Not that 4 is anything to scoff over, but considering authors have written around a hundred, it’s not that much.
Ex-wife? Good grief! These stories arent romantic at all!
Omg. Are these authors taking pointers from each other? How can 2 different authors be so the same? Ozzie and grant both dated girls that lied about them being pregnant.
Wth. This isn’t romantic. This has nothing to do with Christmas. Its STUPID.
&then he wants to tell her about it while she’s in his lap and won’t let her move away. He literally says “no distance” when she tries to move. Do you really think she wants to be near you, much less on you, while you talk about that.
forget this book, if you can even call it that. books like this shouldn't be published. they aren't even real stories!
I didn't even bother reading the 2nd book. the 1st sucked. couldn't finished the 3rd story. ugh.
I hate that I even wasted my time on this.

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DAISY DISNEY Lol although I enjoyed the book I must say I loved your review it was very entertaining! :)

Heather lol thanks!

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