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Winter Kiss by Deborah Cooke
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Nov 09, 2009

really liked it
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Read from December 30 to 31, 2010

In the previous books Kiss Of Fire, Kiss Of Fury and Kiss Of Fate we are introduced to the leaders of the Pyr and the first three stories which set up the background for Delaney's tale. By the time we get to "Winter Kiss" Delaney has become an outcast from his fellow Pyr as he was previously captured by the head of the Slayer's Magnus and forced to drink the Dragon's Blood Elixir! This did not turn him into a Slayer but allows him to be controlled by Magnus against his will, which makes him a "threat" to his fellow Pyr and their mates and children.. Delaney has vowed to destroy the elixir and is on his way to do just that when he stops at a roadside bar and encounters Ginger Sinclair. Much to his astonishment Ginger triggers his "firestorm" the Pyr mating urge which due to his imbibing the Dragon's Blood Elixir he thought he would no longer be capable of having a "firestorm"! Spending the night with Ginger at her farm gives Delaney the most peace he has had since being rescued from Magnus and being cast out of the Pyr's inner circle! Unbeknownst to Ginger though the one night is all Delaney plans on allowing himself, once she wakes up the next morning and finds him gone though that plan is set firmly on it's ear! Ginger follows Delaney and is shocked and surprised to learn that he is a Dragon Shifter and upon the arrival of the other members of the Pyr she faints!
These two are the pair that I was waiting for, they are engaging alone but absolutely dynamite together! Delaney is so sure that he only has one mission left in life, to eradicate the Dragon Elixir and kill Magnus. A feat that he has no intention of walking away from alive, a thought which he never regrets until meeting Ginger!
Ginger Sinclair is a hard headed no-nonsense woman who is not going to let a little thing like the man of her dreams turning into a fire breathing dragon stop her from keeping him around! I loved this couple, they are both such down-to-earth wounded souls that you just have to cheer for them to make it!
There is quite a twisty windy road to happiness for Ginger and Delaney, along the way the rest of the Pyr come to his aid with their mates and even their children as they finally come to realize a team effort is required to defeat the Slayer's. Once again Deborah Cooke has written a fantastical journey for fans of the series, and if you have not read the books yet once you do you will become a fan as well of the dragon shifter characters!
Dragonfire series order of books to read
1. Kiss of Fire (2008)
2. Kiss of Fury (2008)
3. Kiss of Fate (2009)
4. Winter Kiss (2009)
5. Whisper Kiss (2010)
Deborah Cooke

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