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Gadis Pantai by Pramoedya Ananta Toer
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Nov 08, 2009

really liked it
Read in November, 2009

Another typical of feodalism in Javanesse culture. Shocking story, how come yaa someone who claimed himself as a noble and religious man could do something very disgusting (in my opinion lho yaa).
the main characther in this book is unnamed, which the author use to call her as "Gadis Pantai" or other characters on this book may call her as "Mas Nganten". when she was almost 14, she married to the noble man from city (and she come from village which also described as "land of nowhere")who represented by keris when marrying her. so i could say she was married to keris instead of to this man :).
she come from a village that worshipping sea like a God, as sea already gave them life and all of they need. when she forced to leave her home and heading off to city she learnt that people there not worshipping sea like the way she does. Instead, they worship gold, money, respect, pearl. She didnt care with them. all she wants only back to her beach,sea and helping her parents fixed fishnet..
Its become a public secret and (shockingly) being knowledgeable , that before marrying women in the same grade or level,a noble men could live (or married whatever lah yaa ) with another women from lower grade to fulfill his biological needs (sex).
and (take a note) not only a women but could be two, three or more (ckckck).
when those women get pregnant and gave birth to his children, he could easily divorce them (only by his decision, and always by his decision). then he will go to the "market" looking for the new one, and the story goes again and again until he get ready to marry someone from his level.
this was happened to Gadis Pantai, when her parent (poor fisherman) only had her as the only hope after her brothers died in the ocean decide to give her to this man as a mistress.
The tragic ending also happened to her but she decided something else to her life. instead of returning to her village, she choose to decide her own path..

I just knew that this book should be part of tetralogy, but somehow the others are missing.

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Ardita Abis baca buku ini, gua berasa kayak abis ujian teori sosial klasik :D

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