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it was amazing


* Dragon Ball Z represents the journey of the black man in America

* RZA stands for Ruler-Knowledge/Wisdom/Understanding-Allah

* RZA lost his virginity when he was 11 to an older woman. She also taught him how to play chess.

* At the age of 12, RZA had already memorized all the answers to the 120 questions of the Nation of Islam.

* While the rest of New York was caught up in hip-hop fads and trends, Staten Island was nurturing something ancient, "like Mothra."

* Before RZA founded the Wu-Tang clan he was sleeping on a boxing mat with his wife and daughter in a two-bedroom Staten Island apartment that they shared with 6 other people

* RZA had a five-year plan to take over hip-hop, which began in 1992 with the release of 36 Chambers and culminated with the instant-platinum 1997 release of Wu-Tang Forever (kind of amazing that this actually worked out)

* He did all his best work during this period, spending nearly all of his time in a basement studio in Staten Island. All he did was make beats, smoke weed and eat turkey burgers. This is where Cuban Linx, Return to the 36 Chambers and Liquid Swords were recorded, produced, engineered, and mastered. He bought eight digital compressors and tweaked each one to provide the best audio masters for each member of the clan. He calls this his Gravediggaz period. ("I looked older then than I do now.")

* The basement was flooded in 1996 and the studio was destroyed. Wu-tang would never sound the same again. Like the line from Shogun Assassin: "That was the night everything changed."

* Wu-Tang Forever came out in '97, a very important year in mathematics. '97 is 9 and 7, the year of Born God. 9 and 7 is 16, and 1 and 6 is 7 (the god number.)

* Ghostface Killah basically invented all the Wu slang. He also went to a witch doctor in Benin to seek an herbal cure for his diabetes.

* ODB's last words to RZA were "I don't understand."

* You can reach a higher plane of consciousness through fasting and meditation.

* RZA was possessed by an Islamic djinn after smoking some raw angel dust.

* RZA calls members of his entourage his "disciples."

* RZA's ELO chess rating is 1650, and his favorite opening is the King's Indian Attack, as taught to him by grandmaster Josh Waitzkin (the kid from Searching for Bobby Fischer.)

* Barack Obama is the 44th president to be sworn into office, but is actually the 43rd man to hold the position ("since Taft served two non-consecutive terms.") 4 and 3 is 7, again the god number.

Anyways, I really liked reading The Tao of Wu, and I think you will too.

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Jesus Hills Grover Cleveland not Taft served two consecutive terms but this definitely made me want to read this book thanks!

Johnn Rainn Word up!

Stephen Witt Jesus wrote: "Grover Cleveland not Taft served two consecutive terms but this definitely made me want to read this book thanks!"

I'm just quoting the source material, man.

Ryan Love the review style

Lawrence Delaney Lol that’s pretty much what I got from it

message 6: by Lloyd (new) - added it

Lloyd I’m about a 3rd through the book. Your review confirms everything I feared, it doesn’t get any more coherent, but at least I’ll continue to be entertained.

Gym mats: his earlier sleeping arrangement was even more of a trip:
“This kept up until I counted nineteen people living in a two-bedroom. Your bed was whatever spot you could grab on the floor. Your blankets were those gray wool mats that movers use to protect furniture.”

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