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To Defy a King by Elizabeth Chadwick
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Nov 05, 2009

it was amazing
Read from April 19 to 23, 2010

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Reading Progress

04/19 page 27
04/20 page 59
11.35% "I like seeing William/Isabelle and Roger/Ida as parents. Have about an hour to read until I'm forced to go to work dammit."
04/20 page 80
15.38% "[image error] Mahelt comes to Framlingham and marries Hugh."
04/20 page 95
18.27% "I sooooo want to smack his semi royal snottiness William Longspee up one side the head and then the other."
04/21 page 180
34.62% "Le sigh, once again work gets in the way of a Chadwick novel." 7 comments
04/21 page 198
38.08% "Oh dear, Hugh has managed to *best* Longspee at something. Longspee is NOT amused."
04/21 page 233
44.81% " Killkenny Castle.
"I am a king's son, not a Bigod." William Longspee." 2 comments
04/21 page 250
48.08% "Hehehe, I loved Mahelt's *birth control* method, let alone Ida's reaction to it, "Not riding all the way to London"."
04/22 page 264
50.77% ""although for Longspee attendance on John was a validtion of his royal blood and an opportunity to pose in fine clothes.""
04/22 page 275
52.88% ""Do not talk to me of God. I have been supping with the Devil...I thought I had a long enough spoon, but I was wrong.""
04/22 page 300
04/22 page 327
62.88% "Mahelt, you go girl. What a perfect way to deal with the always lecherous John.
04/22 page 359
69.04% "there is only long familiarity like two stones rubbing together with the harder one wearing away at the softer until the softer one is dust"
04/23 page 389
74.81% "John, John, John you are such an a##." 4 comments
04/23 page 455
87.5% "I am about ready to rip King John apart with my bare hands....."
04/23 page 473
90.96% "Sob, the baby shoes Ida kept all these years." 2 comments
04/23 page 489
94.04% ""Throughout her life I had to go away and she hated it...God help me but she is the one to leave me and I do not know how I shall bear it.."" 5 comments
04/23 page 496
95.38% ""And the Earl slept alone, as he had done for a long time, tears seaming the age tracks at his eye corners.""
07/31 marked as: read

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Barb Is there a good place to find out what books are soon to be released? Whenever I try to scope that out at Ammy it's always all the popular crap that I never care about.

Misfit Tanzanite and Amy stay pretty up to snuff on what's coming out on their blogs, as well as threads over at HFO. Sarah's Reading the Past is another. Do you know how to use Google Reader? Just put the URL's for those blogs in the subscription field and it'll tell you what's coming up. Plus it loads faster than going to the individual blogs (I have a slow connection at home).

If you can't find the blog links I'll get them later as I have to run. Tanzanite's and Amy's are on their profile pages. Google reading the past should get you Sarah's.

Misfit I'm back. FYI, as far as I know this book will only be available in the UK and Canada in May. The Book Despository has free shipping, but if you have someone who goes to Canada they might be able to pick it up for you as well.

This is supposed to be a sequel to The Time of Singing and is about William Marshal's daughter and her marriage to the Bigod's son. I'm guessing the King is John but we'll have to wait and see.

Tara Chevrestt Holy Crap! It looks like a strong heroine. I am very interested in this one. Tell me more, please. Who was William Marshall's daughter and what is this supposed to be about? Out of the four Chadwick books I read, I didn't hit William Marshall.. Not really interested in the men.. but this appears to be about a woman.

Tara Chevrestt Ok I found it on Amazon UK but it will cost 34 US dollars to pre order it. OUCH! Why is this not available on regular Amazon? We have to drive all the way to Canada to get it otherwise? That a bit of a drive for me... LOL

Misfit Book blurb at Amazon UK,

Product Description
A story of huge emotional power set against the road to Magna Carta and the fight to bring a tyrant king to heel. The privileged daughter of one of the most powerful men in England, Mahelt Marshal's life changes dramatically when her father is suspected by King John. Her brothers become hostages and Mahelt is married to Hugh Bigod, heir to the earldom of Norfolk. Adapting to her new life is hard, but Mahelt comes to love Hugh deeply; however, defying her father-in-law brings disgrace and heartbreak. When King John sets out to subdue the Bigods, Mahelt faces a heartbreaking battle, fearing neither she, nor her marriage, is likely to survive the outcome ...

Misfit Tara wrote: "Ok I found it on Amazon UK but it will cost 34 US dollars to pre order it. OUCH! Why is this not available on regular Amazon? We have to drive all the way to Canada to get it otherwise? That a bi..."

Try the book depository, they have free shipping. She's just now got a US publisher this year and the first book is The Greatest Knight. I think Scarlet Lion will come out next in the US.

message 8: by Laura (new) - added it

Laura can we add this cover at GR??

Misfit Laura wrote: "can we add this cover at GR??"

As soon as I see it's 100% official, i.e. it's on the Amazon page. Or if EC says it's OK to post here.

message 10: by Janet (new)

Janet Misfit said:Try the book depository, they have free shipping.
Where is the book depository? I have no idea where to look.

Misfit Janet wrote: "Misfit said:Try the book depository, they have free shipping.
Where is the book depository? I have no idea where to look."

Sorry, I was at work and busy :)

I have never used them, but others have and mostly good words (I've heard a few grumbles though),


Misfit Cover is up.

message 13: by Janet (new)

Janet Thank you very much Misfit. Will check it out.

message 14: by Janet (new)

Janet I just checked http://www.bookdepository.com/ and they have the book for 14.99 pre-order. That's not a bad price. Tara is going to be so happy LOL

message 15: by Tara (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tara Chevrestt Yep. Off to place my order now. I have been so so with the Chadwick books. Now that she has a female character in the lead, I'm back in.

message 16: by Laura (new) - added it

Laura Misfit wrote: "Cover is up."

EC did authorize, right?

Misfit Laura wrote: "Misfit wrote: "Cover is up."

EC did authorize, right?


I asked, she said OK.

message 18: by Laura (new) - added it

Laura great!! I also noticed that the new SH´s book has no book description, I wonder why...

Misfit Laura wrote: "great!! I also noticed that the new SH´s book has no book description, I wonder why..."

Maybe we should poke her and ask for one :)

message 20: by Laura (new) - added it

Laura it´s already in her website. Should we ask her for permission??

message 21: by Tara (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tara Chevrestt Misfit, I used that link you put up there for bookdepos... and check this out!! I was browsing on that website, typing miscellaneous words in the search engine and I found a modern day Catherine Cookson! Her name is Alexandra Connor. She seems mostly unknown but I am giving her a try.

Misfit Oooh, still can't wait - http://todefyakingakashics.blogspot.com/

Is. It. May. Yet?

Misfit EC has posted on her blog today about Hugh,


message 24: by Tara (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tara Chevrestt Hugh? The same Hugh that was in Hugh and Bess?? Cause I LOVED that book and I loved that Hugh. Added him to my characters I want to sleep with list. LOL I didnt' realize this was about the same people.

message 25: by Tara (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tara Chevrestt It not the same Hugh.. Unless they got slightly different names.. Golly, everyone had the same names back then. Hey, did you get the book recommendation from me about the Hawaiian historical? I also found an Elizabeth biography. There giveaways for them both.

Misfit Oh no, not the same Hugh at all, but I love the twist on this Hugh, he's half brother to William Longspee who is in turn half brother to King John. Oh the complications I foresee.

Haven't been over to look at my book recs lately. I've been prevaricating on other things again :)

message 27: by Tara (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tara Chevrestt I've grown tired of court intrigue books. I'm taking a break. That's the only reason I haven't rushed out to buy The Stolen Crown. I love Susan H's books but haven't been in the mood for English royalty. Think I'm burned out. I have this one on pre order tho.. Coming in May.. I hope I'm in the mood by then. I have enjoyed Elizabeth's books.. not so much the romancy ones but most of them. I like that this appears to be about a woman with cojones. :)

message 28: by Misfit (last edited Apr 14, 2010 10:38AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Misfit You can read more about Mahelt on an old blog post here,


It is easy to get burned out on one period and I like to mix things up as well.

Jemidar It's NOT may yet!!!!

Misfit It is for me :p

message 31: by Claire (new)

Claire How come?

Misfit Claire wrote: "How come?"

Just lucky :)

Allie Lucky!! I am jealous!!!

message 34: by Laura (new) - added it

Laura now we must forget about Misfit for a couple of days.....

Misfit Yeah, and I had to put it down and come to work. I'll keep teasing you guys on my updates.

Jemidar Well, it'll be a while before I get my copy...I'm gonna have to wait for it in paperback :-(.

Jemidar Just checked and the release date for the paperback is July 2011!!!!!!!!!!

Misfit Oh, I'd never make it. I just hope the skies clear enough by release day so everyone gets a copy on time.

Jemidar Yeah, I'm not impressed by the volcano...it's holding up my order from The Book Depository :-(.

Allie Yea I was thinking about that this morning. Especially since I ordered my copy from Book Depository and they are already admitting to delays... :(

Misfit I was freaking out last week when I heard the flights were cancelled, as I had no idea if this got on a jet ahead of it or not. I did a serious happy dance when I saw the mail carrier with the package yesterday.

I am just loving the tension between Hugh and his half brother William Longspee.

Jemidar I certainly hope that it is all clear by the time CW's Catherine Medici book comes out! Same date as TDaK, isn't it? Am defintely splashing out for that one in hardback :-).

message 43: by Ana (new)

Ana Can I just say how envious I am? Sigh! :-P

message 44: by Laura (new) - added it

Laura in the meantime, I am reading Shadow of the Moon!!!

Misfit Laura wrote: "in the meantime, I am reading Shadow of the Moon!!!"

Absolutely nothing wrong with that. I thought Alex was quite a dish myself :p

message 46: by Laura (new) - added it

Laura WHAT A BOOK!!! I just finished....

Misfit Laura wrote: "WHAT A BOOK!!! I just finished...."

Is that a great finish or what? I want an Alex of my own.

Misfit ****GIVE AWAY*****

Details here, http://www.elizabethchadwick.com/news...

message 49: by Laura (new) - added it

Laura I couldn't believe in the end of book and when I turned the page to the last one, it was a big surprise.

message 50: by Tara (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tara Chevrestt Sawyer, I pre ordered it for 15 bucks, free shipping. It should grace my mailbox sometime this month. If you want to read it, I will let you borrow my copy after I read it. You will just have to come pick it up. I will probably want it back tho.

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