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I Drink for a Reason by David  Cross
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Nov 04, 2009

Um... I wouldn't recommend this to my friends. Do I find him funny? Always. Is his language or subject matter one that I can suggest? Not at all. How is that for a review? I'm about half way through it, and it's a fast read. I'm a fan of his work, and he reminds me so much of my friend Colin that I can forgive his use of certain words. Imagine a dirty version of David Sedaris. Or a less sexual version of Augustus Burroughs. Did I spell that right? Is this review lame? No stars because I just don't feel like it.

Two weeks later:
I didn't finish the book. Since he's an atheist, I can understand and forgive a lot of his view-points, but as a Mormon myself, his criticism and bigotry of my religion became a bit tiresome. Yes, he claims his stances don't make him a bigot, but come on. It's a bit ridiculous. If what he has written is not bigotry, then what is exactly? And that's fine. He's entitled to his opinions and ideas, I just decided to not continue reading them as it was getting old. He brings up Mormons twice (at least in the sections I read) and the first time he is defending his stand-up. He mocked Mormons in a set in North California and someone wrote a bad review,, so he defends his stance. I was ok with that, I got his point, I don't agree with it, but I see where he is coming from. Like I said, I don't expect an atheist to feel differently. But then a few pages later he mocks our religion about how it was founded. I'm not going into that too much right now. His main "joke" is that we believe something so far fetched that we all have to be idiots. Well then, so would Catholics, Buddhists, Shakers and every other religion out there. There are tenets of every Faith that would make an atheist laugh. By continually picking on Mormons, I feel like he is espousing hatred. But hey, religion is one of the last groups that it's pc to make fun of.

Normally I can brush this stuff off, but combined with his foul language and rambling lists, I got bored and stopped reading. I'm glad I got his book at the library instead of buying it like I normally would have.
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