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Fallen by Lauren Kate
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Nov 01, 2009

did not like it
bookshelves: 2009

Recently I paid a visit to Target to pick up some things. I always stop by the book section when I'm there, even though I don't usually buy anything (I'm a used book and library kind of girl). I like to see what they've got on display because it keeps me abreast of what's selling out there in the wonderful world of books. On this visit, I was appalled to find that there was nothing in the young adult section, but paranormal romance. It was all 90210 with fangs, fur, or wings. How depressing!

Don't get me wrong - I like well-written fiction that contains an element of the paranormal and even an element of romance, but that's not all I like. I shudder to think that these the the only books being marketed on a mass scale to teenage girls. The fact that they are frequently dreadfully written and feature relationships that teeter on the edge of emotional (if not physical) abuse is appalling. Why are we giving young women the message that they should be stalking and putting up with young men who are emotionally unavailable, passive aggressive, and (by the way) not human?

Fallen follows the latest version of this trend by making the bad boys (yes, there are two fighting over our intrepid heroine) fallen angels. The setting is Savannah, but the writer takes no advantage of it. We are to believe that the characters are in a reform school, but it reads more like one of those school advertised in the back of Town and Country for challenged kids. It's boarding school with slightly higher security.

The concept of this book could have been interesting, but the book definitely falls short. Wooden characters, a truly dumb heroine, and completely unbelievable storyline make this one worth missing. I like the cover, though!
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message 1: by Shannon (new)

Shannon "90210 with fangs, fur, or wings" - awesome. I intend to use this phrase widely from now on.

Penny You know, I decided to pick up this book on the off chance that it might be interesting. But I haven't even gotten halfway through the book and I'm already hating it.

Your review says exactly what I'm thinking. And yeah, the protagonist is truly pathetic and stalker-y. I keep thinking "WTF!? At what point is this girl going to realize that there is something truly creepy (not to mention wrong) about going through someone else's personal information in an effort to 'get to know them'?" So far the girl has not second guessed her decision to do so. And the dysfunctional relationship thing, particularly in YA fiction, is really getting out of hand. So what, when a teenage guy treats you like crap half the time, that means he likes you? What??? The sad part is that there are teenage girls stupid enough to think that the relationships presented in these books are the sort that they should seek out.

Anyway, my point is, I appreciate your review because it sounds like this book isn't going to improve at all and I should just quit while I'm ahead. Unfortunately I can't get my money back since I have it in Audiobook form. What a waste of an audible credit!

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