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Dragons of Spring Dawning by Margaret Weis
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it was amazing

Dragons of Spring Dawning is the intense conclusion to the Dragonlance Chronicles. It follows Dragons of Winter Night.

The characters grow, achieve new things, and reinstate balance into the world, locking out the evil goddess, Takhisis. Laurana becomes a Solamnic general, Tanis slays the Dragon Highlord Ariakas, and Raistlin thwarts Takhisis and establishes himself as a world power. As before, I am going to focus on characters. With the exception of Caramon, all the characters are dynamic.

Tanis deals with Kitiara, finding his true self with Laurana's love. The anguish he has experienced hitherto regarding his split identity (elven and human) paralleled by his love for two women has been laid to rest or, at least, greatly minimized. He plays a major heroic role in ending the depradations of Takhisis and her armies. He retains some selfishness, but acts in an altruistic manner most of the time. This duality (or multiplicity when combined with his other traits) serve to keep him interesting and dynamic.

Flint suffers a heart-attack as the group of protagonists with whom he is with approaches Neraka. He grows wiser and more compassionate and willing to face his fears as the story progresses. The change in his character is slight, but it is there.

Kas changes also. The quest results in the loss of life of some of his friends as well as many others, including a number of innocents. His grief over his friends (especially Flint) create a certain introspection and fear in the sense of being afraid for those he loves. This is uncommon among the kender.

Laurana finds out she can act on her own without tying her identity to another person (parents, originally, and Tanis later). She becomes rather an epic hero as she leads the good armies and dragons against the armies of darkness.

Caramon remains pretty much the same. He cannot deal with Raistlin's transition to evil. He is still a good man and valiant, but he was this before. Even his love for Tika seems to make no difference in his character.

Raistlin probably is the most dynamic character. He transitions in several ways. He becomes much more powerful, able to function on his own rather than being dependent upon Caramon. He makes the transition from neutral to evil. He remains an amalgam of good and evil, though, retaining a sort of twisted sense of honour, especially in the realm of paying debts. He is more selfish and even willing to kill his former friends or, at least, allow them to die without compunction. He makes a deal with a legendary wizard from the past, allowing the latter to work through himself. Thus, he transitions, in a very real sense, into two characters united in one body. This is strange, and it serves as the springboard to the following trilogy, Dragonlance Legends.

This is a grand finale to a grand set of books. I highly recommend it, though, of course, you should start out with the first book, Dragons of Autumn Twilight, if you haven't read it.
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