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The pH Miracle by Robert O. Young
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Oct 28, 2009

it was amazing

A biologist watches the body react to foods and diet choices under a black field microscope. According to Dr. Young, the acidic American diet is the cause of all disease and alkaline foods ( basically salads) is the cure.

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Sirosis I'm really astounded how many people have read this book and taken it on face value. The most elementary google search reveals the guy as an irresponsible, ethically bankrupt, criminal fraud with no medical qualifications. Eating a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda a day would give you the PH balance suggested by this book. The rest - eat healthhy - is a no brainer. The real blinding obvious fact is when you read it, he draws entirely unfounded and unscientific conclusions from things: Some people get sicker than others when exposed to airborne bacteria/viruses. Really? It's called genetics, some people are born with better immune systems than others. It has little to do with diet. Proof? The author;'s example is that in a plague some people in houses get sick and others don't. In 1918 the majority of families would be eating the same diet within the family. Please be more responsible about your beliefs people. You have access to information without precedent so use it to verify things. We owe the future of our planet and humanity better than to abdure our own critical thinking and instead go from one manipulative leader to the next.

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