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The Puppet Masters by Robert A. Heinlein
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Oct 27, 2009

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I wouldn't read this book so much as an adventure story - but it is that. I also wouldn't read this book as a science fiction alien invasion story - but it is that. I would read this book as a study of America as it was in the early 50's with it's prejudices, racism and especially its misogynism - and I did. The protagonist, Sam, is a man's man; a spy; a secret agent with intelligence, strength, good looks, and a healthy respect for the good old USA. He's also in love with Mary, a fellow secret agent. Beautiful Mary, who gets by on sex appeal and women's intuition where another agent might use cunning and violence.

Meanwhile, a slug race of alien parasites has invaded and they're impossible to beat because they control us and they multiply uncontrollably. It's up to Sam and Mary to save America and to save the world by extension, because America does what the world can't and it's always noble and right. In this book, the eastern block, in fact all of communism fell to the invasion immediately, without a fight. They just didn't have the character to stand up to a dominant, controlling creature.

But this brings the question - was it a good book? Well no, not really. It's a product of its time and for that it was interesting to read. Would I recommend it to you? No. Am I sorry I spent the time reading it? No. It's Heinlein and even though it wasn't his best work, it was a fast-paced adventure story for which you, as reader, don't have to think too much.

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