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Mr. Darcy, Vampyre by Amanda Grange
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Oct 26, 2009

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Imagine you are walking through a crowded shopping mall. As you walk you catch brief scents of things like the newest perfume, cinnamon buns, coffee, rubber soled shoes and human sweat. With each scent is attached a memory. The cinnamon buns remind you of the time your best friend was pregnant and everything she ate had to come from Cinnabon. The coffee reminds you of sitting at your favorite book store when you read that book, remember the one I'm talking about. The rubber soled shoes remind you of school clothes shopping with your mother, what a nightmare that was. . . Each memory is as brief as the scent is, they do not linger. That was the sensation I had when reading Mr. Darcy, Vampyre. I would catch a phrase, paragraph or sentence that would briefly, but not quite remind me of other books and movies I had once enjoyed. A bit of Dracula here, but not really. Almost a piece of Radiers of the Lost Ark, but no. . . Was that Twilight I saw, couldn't be. . . It was amazing how Grange was able to do this all the while making the vampire story her own.

I worried before reading this book that the vampyre story had been over done and there was nothing new a writer could bring to the table. I admit, I was wrong. Grange is able to make her vamprye utterly new and different. My favorite part of any vamprye story is their history, what have they done with all this time they have had to live? Grange is able to make her vamprye's history compelling, heart breaking and triumphant all at once.
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