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I went into We Were Liars one cocky son of a biscuit eater, feeling above it all right from page one. I'd seen this book talked about so heavily by other bloggers and how some never saw the twist coming or how others totally saw that twist coming. All the while, I was sitting on the sidelines with my shades on, posted up with my arms folded, saying, "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hot potato." That's not to say I didn't want to read this book, because I did. I even had an ARC sitting on my shelf for the longest time, but due to a lot of the hype, I kept putting it off. Plus, I'm one of those people who usually can easily figure out a plot twist and I didn't want to dive into something where a lot of people already mentioned figuring it out.

But one thing did nag me a little in the back of my mind was that my Bookish Twin, Blythe from Finding Bliss in Books, LOVED it. I highly value her opinion when it comes to books, because we almost always agree. So when I happened to get my hands on the audiobook, I thought, "What the hell? I was supposed to read and review this anyway, right?" Let me tell you... WHOA.

***First off, I just wanna say that I don't know how the print compares to the audio and that it's possible I loved the book more than others because of the  excellent job of the narrator. I can see how the fragmented sentences could be a pain to read, but this might be one of those cases where it sounds better out loud. That being said, I if you haven't read this book, possibly check out the audio version first.***

Anyway, I was feeling very blasé about the first half. It felt like a really random story about a rich, white girl and her white girl problems, crying her white girl tears and I felt myself unsure about what the point of it all was.


And maybe that makes me sound extremely heartless, but I couldn't relate to the main character (no, I'm not even going to tell you her name because I want you to go in blind). But somewhere along the lines, I started to become intrigued with the story because it became this strange, wild thing that I couldn't piece together.

Lockhart uses a very odd narration with fragmented sentences and strange descriptions, but I thought it was beautiful and unique. It added a very creepy layer on top the the existing oddness. It makes you question the main character, her account of the incident and the entire book. She's not very reliable and has the habit to cut off mid-sentence. I'm not sure if that was used as a way to distract the reader or if it was to used to make us question her sanity. Maybe a little bit of both. Either way, it worked on me.

As things started to heat up and I reached the cusp of the climax, the narrator's voice increased in intensity. She began talking faster, became very emotional, then suddenly on the verge of tears!

And I started thinking to myself, OH GOD NO. WHAT IS HAPPENING.




So, naturally, I had a good cry and needed someone to hold me.


By the end, I was all:

I know this review might not be the most helpful in the world, but it's true what everyone says about We Were Liars. You should absolutely go in blind, with no expectations and let this book take your feels as it sees fit. If you are a fan of psychological thrillers like Stephanie Kuehn's Charm and Strange or Complicit , than this one may be up your alley. I'll be here to hold you when you're finish.

ARC was provided by the publisher via YA Books Central.

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message 1: by Jaz (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jaz Yesssssssss! You cried. Me too. And yeah, I was incoherent after finishing this.

Steph Sinclair I shed a tear and was completely shocked by the ending. I never saw that coming.

Jess Can't wait to here your thoughts. That ending really sparked some waterworks.

Mrs. P YES!

message 5: by haley (new)

haley Can't wait for your review! Glad you liked it :)

Anne RIGHT?!?!

Steph Sinclair So so so so good!

Carmen Great review!

Megan P ☆ I really agree with you. Starting off, I was like, "How the heck am I going to relate to this MC?" But by the end, I was crying for/with her.

message 10: by haley (new)

haley Great review, Steph!

Penelope ✘ that awkward girl that doesn't go here ✘ Awesome review! :) I'm intrigued now, I need to check it out.

message 12: by LPJ (new) - rated it 4 stars

LPJ "It felt like a really random story about a rich, white girl and her white girl problems, crying her white girl tears...." So this is obviously the next thing I'm reading.

Steph Sinclair Thanks, guys!

@Megan, I know! Weren't you shocked at how those feelings creeped up on you?

@Penelope, I hope you end up liking it!

@Leslye, YESSSSS... Let me know how you like it!!

Nenia ⭐ Literary Garbage Can ⭐ Campbell Great review, Steph! I felt the same way. At first I was like, "I'm not sure about this..." But by the end, I was like, "JUST RIP OUT ALL MY FEELS WHY DON'T YOU."

Steph Sinclair @Nenia, EXACTLY. Lockhart is an Evil Mastermind of Words.

message 16: by [deleted user] (new)

I'm glad you enjoyed it, Steph; I couldn't get into the writing style. But seriously...MINDFUCK!

message 17: by Roxy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Roxy Awesome review !!

Steph Sinclair Thank you!

Allison Hurst I haven't finished the book. But I LOVE it and I LOVE the book on tape narration. Agree with you. I think I need to check out other books she has narrated. I sometimes just sit in the garage after the commute is finished and still want to listen.

PunkRockLibrarian You are hilarious! I thoroughly enjoyed your review! :) I too listened to the audio version, and based on the reactions of those who actually read the book, I am glad I opted for that choice!

Steph Sinclair Yay! I'm glad you guys liked it! That narrator really made this book for me.

Nicole love your review

Steph Sinclair Thank you!

Julie Hahahaha! Yes!

Paige  Bookdragon I'll take your word :D gonna buy this book :D

message 26: by Liz (new) - rated it 4 stars

Liz your review had me dying with laughter, especially the REAL emoticon selfies (brilliant). I feel like you're my new best friend in my head. I have no choice but to read this book now :-)

Celinoos Great review! I can really relate to what you felt.. That book is just so amazingly awful.

Kimberly You are adorable and I loved this review. :)

Steph Sinclair Thank you! :)

Nicole I made those same expressions as you and felt the same way.

message 31: by Haya (new) - rated it 2 stars

Haya Steph-I kinda taking the liberty of using your name- can you please explain the quote at the beginning of the book. The one about suffering migraines and not fools. I WHOLLY appreciate it<3.(btw your reviews are LIFE.)

message 32: by Haya (new) - rated it 2 stars

Haya Steph-I kinda taking the liberty of using your name- can you please explain the quote at the beginning of the book. The one about suffering migraines and not fools. I WHOLLY appreciate it<3.(btw your reviews are LIFE.)

message 33: by Haya (new) - rated it 2 stars

Haya Steph-I kinda taking the liberty of using your name- can you please explain the quote at the beginning of the book. The one about suffering migraines and not fools. I WHOLLY appreciate it<3.(btw your reviews are LIFE.)

Marissa I listened to it on audio book as well, and I think it flows better being read aloud. The narrator was excellent, and I loved that she put emoticon into her reading. So many readers don't. I made the mistake of listening to it while driving, and had to shut it off till I could pull over and safely blubber. I think this is one of those books where the experience is totally different on audio. But only from the comfort and safety of home.

message 35: by Dana (new) - rated it 4 stars

Dana Be still my beating heart! ARC audiobooks are a thing?

Steph Sinclair @Haya, I'm sorry! It's been a while since I've read the book and I don't remember that quote.

@Marissa, I totally agree! The narrator did such a fabulous job!!

@Dana, it's not really an ARC audiobook, because it's the finished version. Some pubs will offer to reviewers around the release date. But I already had a print ARC and decided to listen to the audio instead.

message 37: by Lily (new) - added it

Lily Love your reviews.

Steph Sinclair Thank you!

message 39: by Dana (new) - rated it 4 stars

Dana Thanks! :)

message 40: by Lisa (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lisa Kimmel I listened to it in audio form and I couldn't have loved it more! After reading the reviews, I'm thinking your right, that it gives more when listened to.

Melinda I cried for 2 hours after listening to the audiobook. I am now rereading it to spot for foreshadowing.

Paloma Meir I love your review and I'm going to buy and read this book immediately after writing this comment.

Theresa (bookbliss925) Your review was hilarious (especially the pics, lol). I will put this on my TBR list.

message 44: by Rosie (new)

Rosie Percoco this is actually how i felt about the book :O the ending tho,caught me off guard, i was so mad though but i still love this book !

message 45: by Kim (new) - added it

Kim Campbell I have been on the fence about this book. I like your review and the suggestion to listen to it. Moved it to the top on this lazy Saturday morning.

message 46: by Caro (new) - rated it 4 stars

Caro Liebermann Finished it yesterday at 4 am.
I had the EXACT same experience with this book!

Shabnam Salim Can you tell me where you got the audiobook from ?

Nilma Everything you said. Yes. My thoughts exactly, with the audiobook

Samantha Schroeder These are my exact thoughts on the book!

Veronica Ok now I have to listen to the audio of my favorite YA book!

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