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Unbound by Kim Harrison
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Oct 26, 2009

really liked it
bookshelves: urban-fantasy

I only read the first two stories.

Line Drifter: Jenks is probably my favorite character in The Hollows Series so reading a whole story centered around him and the rest of the pixies was just great. Finally I got some written confirmation about the possible effects of the make-a-pixy-humanlike-size curse on Jenk's life span. I know the series is supposed to be dark and characters are supposed to die. I'm fine with it. As much as I like Matalina, her stubbornness will probably lead to her not taking the curse, which will mean her death. I'll be sad about it but it's ultimately fine since it adds to series. But Jenks is irreplaceable. The books would suffer a lot with him gone, so I'm glad there's a good explanation for his extended life expectancy.

Bis, too, is a character that never gets much page time and for the last couple of books I've been wanting to know more about him. Having him messing with Ivy's computer was just hilarious and I hope he gets included a little more in following books.

Didn't care much about Sylvan to be honest. Daryl, though, has potential. A snotty nymph with a goddess complex that's one of the good guys, asks if Ivy is a goddess and then proceeds to have a cat fight with her? What more can you ask for?

Reckoning: Bones is always a favorite so I enjoy his stories just as much as I do Cat's. I find that they have a very similar "voice" and in this case it's not a bad thing. Frost's style makes heroes honest, loyal, sympathetic to other people's problems and ready to take on anything, just like heroes on any other series. Unlike those other heroes, though, Frost's are ruthless when they need to be, have no qualms about killing the bad guys and never ever whine about why they're in the middle of a situation and that's amazing. I hate it when, in other series, the main character decides to do something that's quite possible out their league and even argues with everyone telling them so, only to have to read later, in the middle of the fight, sentences like "oh god, why didn't I listen?" or "why do these things happen to me?"

So, though is a pretty straightforward story about one of Bones's jobs before meeting Cat and there's nothing special about the plot, it's still very enjoyable for the characters themselves and we get a better idea of how Bones's single life was.

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