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really liked it
Read 2 times. Last read September 18, 2018 to September 21, 2018.

I’m not a vampire fan, okay?
I mean, I am cool with scary books, and I read scary books, but vampires...
They’re just not really my thing.
If I had to power rank my favorite types of horror novels, and I can’t imagine a time where I would have to do that, except now, obviously...
Vampires would be near the bottom of the list.
Vampires would be one or two spots above werewolves.
Werewolves are stupid, and so are books about them.
Werewolves, give me a break.
Now, I am a Stephen King fan.
Not all the time, but his early stuff especially. This is his second book.
And in his second book Stephen King wrote a story about vampires.
Thank God he didn’t write a story about werewolves for his second book. If he did that, he would probably not even be a thing today. He would have probably had to stop being a writer and get a job doing something else. Selling insurance or Lyft or something.
Anyway, I’m not giving this story four stars because of the vampires.
I’m giving this book four stars because he managed to take something I’m not really crazy about, namely vampires, and built a pretty fantastic story.
He best parts of Salem’s Lot have very little to do with vampires anyway.
After writing Carrie, King added a lot more pages to his next book, and he really takes his time with this one.
There are whole chapters called The Lot, and they are about the town and the people in it, and those are some of the best chapters in the book.
King creates this amazing world set into a small town with characters who inhabit it and have meaning and importance. Even the minor characters get their moments to shine and breathe a little bit.
King spends pages just talking about the Lot and how it came to be, how it’s changed, what kind of people live there and why...
... and vampires.
The terror builds slowly. You know what’s happening. You know where the story is going. But in the end it goes there and then way, way past what you think, and...
... oh man.
I think in every King review I write I say this. I say something along the lines of King being a better writer than a horror writer. He’s at his best when he isn’t trying to scare you.
I always say that, and I still agree with myself.
In this book he excels at both. He takes the time to build up the horror and suspense in the first half, and the second half really pays off.
Even with vampires.
Hopefully, you’ve read this before. If not, read it in October. Or now. Or whenever. Don’t read it even. You should read it, but not reading it is your choice. It’s not the right choice, but it’s yours. You get to make it.
However, and this is my last “however” and the last thing I’m going to write...
However... oops...
If you don’t read this, and you read a book about werewolves, and I can make an exception for Book 5 of the Dark Tower series. It has wolves in the title, so it’s fine. That’s the only exception.
If you do that, we can’t be friends. I’m sorry. We can be friends. It’s fine. We shouldn’t be, but let’s be friends anyway. Choices are great, aren’t they?
Good night guys.

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Kandice This is my favorite King, and it's not the vampires that make it great. It's the people and the town. I'm glad you liked it. I can recommend some good were yarns. 😉

Justin Com

Justin Com

Justin Ahhh... sorry... I was trying to say...

Completely agree, Kandice. The people and the town itself are what really make this book stand out for me, too. I can definitely understand why it’s your favorite. It’s a perfect blend of great storytelling and horror, and he executes both of them really well in this one.

Kandice The fact that this was only his second published novel is amazing!

Justin Yeah, I just picked up The Stand again and it was only his m... fourth I think? Incredible. His early stuff is so good.

message 7: by Kristen (new)

Kristen I was on the fence about reading this one, and your review completely convinced me to read it! That means we can be friends right?

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