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The Batman Chronicles, Vol. 2 by Bill Finger
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Oct 10, 2007

it was amazing

What was a reason to bring Robin into the scene? Maybe Batman was too weird of a character to be by himself. Then again what does it say for a man to have his adopted son face danger, etc? What's up with Bruce Wayne?

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message 1: by Michael (new)

Michael I don't think Wayne ever formally adopted Dick Grayson. It became a point of contention later between them. Maybe it was easier to put a totally unrelated child in danger!

message 2: by R. (new)

R. Wayne just needed a wingman for when hot chick's ugly chick friend were all, you know, in cockblocking mode.

Robin eventually became "Nightwing".

Artists condemned to illustrating him tended to err on the side of "Donny Osmond in a Black Disco Suit".

But, seriously, some psychologist said, "You know, kids need somebody to identify with, otherwise they won't buy these comic books."

So Robin, the original Elmo, was born.

I think Jules Feiffer said (wrote) that it was all bollocks (wrongheaded good intentions) and that most kids liked the idea that they had time to grow up to be Captain America, Batman, or The Flash. Or The Spirit. Or The Rouge Ambassador. Or Green Lantern. etc.

message 3: by R. (new)

R. The Rouge Ambassador is no joke.

Adam Wow. If Fredric Wertham thought Batman and Robin had a gay subtext, I wonder what he would have thought about the Rouge Ambassador?

Adam Sorry, Tracy. Your "only hope" has never heard of either the Rogue Ambassador or the Rouge Ambassador before, and can't find anything out about him on the Web, either.

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