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Fortune's Pawn by Rachel Bach
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it was amazing
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Have you ever come across a book that was EXACTLY the type of book you've been searching for years and years to read? That's this book for me. I wanted to clutch it to my chest and shout "Mine! Mine! Mine!" I loved it so much. Of course, then reality hit me, and instead of wanting to clutch it to my chest, I wanted to run around shoving it into everyone else's shouting "Read! Read! Read!"

There might not have been much "new" about this book, but it took everything I loved in science fiction, space opera, urban fantasy, and romance and rolled them all into one. I can't remember the last time I loved a character so much. Devi, you are freaking awesome. I want to be you. Except, I don't really like to be hurt or scared, so... let's just be friends, 'kay? Drinks on me any time you're in town.

So, Devi is a mercenary. Like I said, nothing new, but she is an extremely good mercenary. She's extremely professional and I really appreciated that about this book. Merc's, at least the good ones, wear mechanized armor. Because Devi is awesome and a career merc, she wears the best that money can buy. And she freaking loves her armor. Hell, I freaking love her armor. I'm pretty sure hers is the most badass armor I've ever read about. I love how she has so much knowledge about it and about other cheap, flashy armor, and I love how much care she puts into it.

Rupert. Oh, Rupert. Who knew I'd get such a big book-crush on a cook named Rupert? But I do love him. How can you not love a hot, kickass cook? Yeah. He's the cook, but he's so much more, and that mystery is partly what makes this book such a page turner. There is STUFF going on, stuff Devi knows is bigger than what she wants to get involved in, but she's a good merc and she's doing her job. She has career ambitions, and she'll do anything to get where she's going.

The other characters really grew on me throughout the book. Hell, even Cotter, the other merc who's kind of an arrogant ass, grew on me. So did the psycho roommate.

And Ren! Did anyone else get a River vibe from her? I was totally picturing crazy River from Firefly. Which reminds me, if you loved Firefly, you need to read this book. You'll love it, too.

Oh, book. I'm so glad I accidentally stumbled across you. I can't wait for the next installment! I will be thrusting you into the arms of everyone who shows even the teeniest tiniest interest in sci-fi/space opera.

P.S. I'd label this as a science fiction novel with a strong romantic element rather than a sci-fi romance. This has an awesome, engaging plot that would work without the romance, but it's oh-so-much-better with it.

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Rachel Bach
“Did I pick safety or ambition? The slow and steady or the gamble? I smiled. Put like that, it wasn’t even a question.”
Rachel Bach, Fortune's Pawn

Rachel Bach
“But fair warning, being drunk doesn’t slow down my head shots.”
Rachel Bach, Fortune's Pawn

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Sandy Williams Heh. Just wrote my review. There's a good romance - enough to make me super happy - but I can't call it a "romance" since that was definitely a subplot. A great, fantastic subplot! READ IT! ;-)

Sandy Williams Yay!!!! Hope you loove it!

Amanda Thanks for the rec. Just finished this book this morning and absolutely LOVED it! I agree, it put everything I love in a good book in one place. Gotta say I'm grieving for Phoebe though. (Slight spoiler for anyone who reads this, but honestly doesn't give anything away).

Sandy Williams Glad you enjoyed it, Amanda! I'm still suffering from withdrawals from it. And, yeah, I agree. I was really sad about Phoebe. I'm as attached to Devi's girls as I am to Devi. lol

Sandy Williams Jessica wrote: "Like Amanda said, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for the recommendation! This book was amazing! Couldn't put it down. I cannot wait for the second book to come out in Feb!"

Hurray! So glad you liked it! I want everyone to read and love it as much as I do. :-)

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

I am adding this to my want to read section thanks to this review.

Sandy Williams That's great, Paks. You will love it! Devi is my absolute favorite heroine. So badass.

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