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Revenge of the Wannabes by Lisi Harrison
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Oct 23, 2009

really liked it
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This series continues with Massie Block discovering that not only did Alicia and Olivia steal the Octavian Country Day School uniform design contest from her, they also have a Teen People modeling shoot scheduled! That’s more than she can take. She decides to get revenge upon Alicia. Meanwhile, Alicia is debating about starting up her own clique and getting out from underneath Massie’s skin to start something new of her own.

I can make a text to world connection because people will always get jealous of others, especially girls. When they get jealous they want to get back at each other to prove that the other person isnt better, they get revenge. Many people in the outside world do that because they think it might change something.

I rate this book a 4 because its just like book 1 and 2 in the series. Its good, and people can relate and understand the characters but it doesn't draw you to it like other books. It does have a lot of common connections with the world and people in the book.

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message 1: by Sydney (new)

Sydney Mckinney Yes, it's clear from multiple instances in the book that Massie is jealous of Alicia, and vice versa, but I think it may have been because of some deeper personality traits that this battle for power occurred. As we've seen in previous books (and later books), Massie always has to be in control. She's a natural born leader with a fierce loyalty to her friends, but sometimes her need to control everyone and everything causes serious problems. For example, Massie liked Cam in this book, but Cam liked Claire. This made Massie feel out of control and jealous, so she lied to Claire and tried to force her to break things off. Instead of having the intended result of pulling Claire and Cam back under her control, it pushed Claire further away, and into Alicia's waiting arms.
Massie has controlled Alicia for longer than we even know. The series started when Claire came to town, long after the PC had begun. It was inevitable that Alicia, someone who has all the resources to be her own Alpha, would eventually get tired of Massie's control-freak ways. I think this fight taught all the girls a lesson in some way or another. It taught Massie that maybe she should loosen up the reigns a little. It taught Alicia that doing what Massie does is so much harder than it looks (I mean, look at her failures in trying to control Faux-Livia, Strawberry, and Kori), it taught Claire to listen to her heart rather than her friends sometimes, and it taught Kristen and Dylan to be more sure of their loyalties.

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