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The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown
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Oct 21, 2009

it was amazing

I liked this novel actually better than DV Code and A & D, which is ironic as it wasn't quite the page turner as those were, but the plot and ideas were more believeable. I was very interested in The Masons, as they were so much a part of the early patriotic/revolutionary era of the US. As usual there is a gruesome evil person, with superhuman like skills and power. The whole story covers just 24 hours...wow, what a day!
Interesting insight from Brown on the Masons or Noetic Science?: "a temple of God" refers to the "temple" of the brain; how "the created,...becomes the Creator"; when the eye is single, your body fills with light". For me the last part of the book added to my personal confirmation of what faith is, and that "our minds can generate energy capable of transforming physical matter." I believe as Katherine stated, "As soon as we humans begin to harness our true power, we will have enormous control over our world..and be able to design reality, rather than merely react to it."
How about this idea: God created us in his image, but not just our physical bodies resemble him, but our minds! Now that's a a great idea, and correlates with my LDS belief that we were all intelligences first, even before our spirits were created. Because of this, we have God-like potential power, and indeed can become like him. We just haven't learned all that is necessary ...yet. Interestingly, he refers to the Hebrew meaning of God, Elohim, which is plural. Hmmm, gives lots to think about, especially if you don't believe in God, or if your belief in God is limited.
Love this idea also on p. 563, There are those who create, and those who tear down. The dynamic has existed for all time.
Another perspective of atonement...."gathering what is scattered...to bring order from chaos, to find "at-one-ment", from this vantage point, His characters discuss the inherent power of prayer groups, healing circles, singing in unison, worshipping en mass... unfortunately, no mention of Christ in that view, but there is still much truth there. "We have barely scratched the surface of our mental and spiritual capabilities." Can you believe a popular fiction novel promoting such eternal truths? I'd love to talk to others about this, but my husband disliked the book. I thought it was great.
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Sridhar Babu Thanks for giving 5 stars to this book...while reading this novel I wondered to which extent Dan Brown have analysed about the secret socities like Freemasonary, the Great Seal of America, Washington manument's background,about the Capitol building,about the "appothesis of George washington"etc..I am writing this from India and I am proud to say that he even discussed about Hindu Gods like Lord Krishna,The Upanishads,etc., I undeerstand the pains he has taken to write this novel..in short a great work by the great writer

Janet Wilcox I agree, his research is phenomenal. He even took time to research the religions beliefs about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, sometimes called the Mormons. Sometimes people fault him for the slow development of this "action" story, but the ideas and philosophies are worth exploring as we come to greater understanding of what and who God is, and our role in the eternal plan of God.

Sridhar Babu Dear ma'm,
I am Sridhar, a Govt., employee from India, my wife Seetha is Insurance Corporation manager,I follow all your reviews in "bookreads" and after reading I felt, talking to my beloved teacher.so nice.Now a days I made a practice of picking a book from a shop, or downloading, an e-book, only after reading your reviews...pls...don't think I am flattering you. What favour I want from you is, in my place people have no knowledge 'bout english fiction,or about new authors in English novels at all..!! will you please guide me or give me useful tips about the books to read and download. I am die hard fan of Dan Brown,Dean koontz,John saul,stephen king and val Mcdermed...I like biblical thrillers like Da vinci code, and horror novrls like "night shade" and "the second child", please do tell me about you, and your daily routine...lets be friends..thank you maam

Janet Wilcox Sridhar wrote: "Dear ma'm,
I am Sridhar, a Govt., employee from India, my wife Seetha is Insurance Corporation manager,I follow all your reviews in "bookreads" and after reading I felt, talking to my belo..."

I'm not too much into horror novels, and perfer historical fiction, or Christian based fiction. One author you might like, if you're interested in the Bible is Gerald Lund. He has a series related to Christ and the New testament. The first one is The Kingdom and the Crown, Vol. 1: Fishers of Men. I loved these three, as he interweaves religion his history, and you get a sense of what was happening in Israel during this time period.

Angie Guo I've just finished the book and I felt similar feelings afterwards as to what you wrote in your review. I do prefer it better to his other books because of his theories that he put forward about enlightenment, noetic science and Christianity ( and religions in general), with an impressive amount of background research which I find all very interesting and inspiring.

My favourite is how he emphasizes the power of our mind, which has been studied since the beginning before the establishment of scientific systems, till now, yet we have only scratched the surface of its understanding and its potentials, like noetic science.
I really like this idea since it coincides with physics and quantum theory (of which I don't have an extensive knowledge to), but an atom is ultimately made out of energy, and hence our body is too. But the body can only experience and be experienced, while a thought can only make up, create and interpret. So the body is an effect, of the cause – thought. Then our physical world (body) is only an effect of what we choose to do (Our mind, thought, conscious). Our mind is in control. Our mental energy. Which I think is why faith is so important in religion.

And the magnitude of this potential (our mental energy) was furthermore hinted to be unlimited, as he said 'we were created in the image of not necessarily God's physical image, but mental image(energy)' and since 'God is within us' where our mind is the house of temple, who knows what one's mind could accomplish one day? focused enough to generate a change in the physical dimension? what then would be the power of combined minds?

I think that our mind is indeed a powerful form of energy, one that is hard to fully understand as it intangible, it could well be better understand in another dimension or with technology and scientific explanations that we have yet to come up with. But I think that generally nowadays, we are too focused on the physical world.

The connection that Brown makes between our mind and God and enlightenment is truly fascinating.

Like Langdon I was skeptical about some theories in the book at first, but as Peter said “sometimes all you need is a change of perspective”.

reference: http://www.johnassaraf.com/change-you...

message 4: by Alfred (new)

Alfred Arnold I just finished this book which I thoroughly enjoyed. What I did not expect was that it widened my perspective of the intertwining of science and religion ( or philosophy). I am a scientist, and much like the professor in this novel, a skeptic. At the end I was transformed as was Langdon. Thank you Dan Brown for writing such an insightful story.

Janet Wilcox That's how I felt after I read it...we'll see what the Inferno does for me. Haven't read it yet. I do think that true science and true religion can be compatible and equal partners.

message 2: by Marguerite (new) - added it

Marguerite Bradley Enjoyed this book as I did two previous works. He educates with historical facts and questions myths validity. This book was entertaining but most of all I'm impressed with how he eloquently summed up our inner soul as energy and our mind as the power that transforms us to reach new spiritual planes. I've always believed God is our source of enlightenment and by whatever name u call ur God we all believe in an infinite Source that guides us. The Bible is my manual for living. But I applaud and agree other religions have there holy books and they are all directing us to live a wholesome loving caring existence for all living things. We have the power within us never ending.

Nandini Soni I agree with you Janet.... the most what I liked about the novel is that the historical facts presented by Dan Brown , especially Noetic science , were mind boggling. And my vocabulary was enhanced which was a good thing. And of course I have read many of the facts presented by the author.... one of which I read recently about schrodinger equation then the uncertainty principle , so mostly It helped recall them.: )

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