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Full Tilt by Neal Shusterman
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Oct 21, 2009

it was amazing

November 1
Full Tilt is extremely captivating so far. I can relate to all the characters, expecially Quinn. Sometimes, he needs to leave reality to enter his own little world just like i do. I think it's very touching that his brother is going through the ordeal of the terrifying rides just to reach him and save him from the inevitable doom.

November 8
It is such an intriguing book. I know I'll never look at an amusement park in the same way! I am also very curious about Quinn. Why does he need these thrills in his life? Couldn't he try to make his life as thrilling as the roller coasters that are the only thing actually keeping him alive. I think Blake should not have tried to find Quinn by himself, but should have stuck with his friends so they could support him on the journey. Without them, he could become completely lost in this "world." This would cause his Mother so much pain to lose two sons at once. The sense of anxiety keeps me on the edge of my seat.

November 15
I was so suprised of all the turns Blake's character took in this book. The growth in his relationship with Quinn really touched me. I think he finally realized what Quinn meant when he said, "I go places sometimes." Cassandra tried to use their differences against them, but didn't realize that by putting their seemingly completely different characters together, they would overcome her power and the power of the rides.
I was also greatly inspired by how far Blake came in this book. he realized who he was on the inside and uncovered the biggest mystery of his character, how he survived the crash. If he realized this before his experience in the park, I feel he would have blamed himself for the rest of his life, but now he can accept what happened and that he could not have done anything to save the others.
I would like to see how far his relationship with Maggie will go, because I think they would be able to love each other through anything, as they did realize their love when in the ugliest form possible on the outside. I also wonder what Russ saw on the ferris wheel and if he will ever be able to forgive himself for turning against Blake.
As a last thought, when Quinn took only the diamond stud, I realized that he wanted to leave behind the empty person he used to be and build a new life worth living.
There are so many messages hidden deep with the context of this book. I enthusiastically recommend it to anyone who wants a book that will keep them on there feet and touch their heart.

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Shadow I Agree, Full Tilt Is One Of My Favorite Books.
If You Know Of Any Others Like It Please Message Me!

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