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After Dead by Charlaine Harris
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I seriously wish more authors would do this. I NEED codas for all my books because I seriously want to know what happened after the book ended. All the people giving this bad reviews, if you notice, haven't even read the book. I think that people should HAVE to have read the book in order to rate it. They're just all Eric shippers who are pissed that Sookie found happiness and a good life with Sam. Heck, she was able to have kids! Would Eric be able to do that, NO! So all you bitter little people need to get off your high horse and stop rating this book based on your bile.

As for the book itself, yes, I did enjoy it, though to be honest, I couldn't remember a fair amount of the people she talks about... and the fact that Barry and Quinn are obviously going to have spin off short stories annoys me a little because I didn't get closure there (I've never been the biggest fan of the short stories in this series)overall I was satisfied. Also, by chance, was the shifter sent to Montana a nod to Patricia Briggs's books? I also like that not every ending was happy.

Now my gripes. Why yet another size change? I mean, seriously? Had to make a new size. Also, the "illuminated letters" at the beginning of each section are crappy and look as if the resolution was off. So, what I'm saying... only read this if you're a die hard Sookie fan who accepted the ending Charlaine Harris wrote, ie, the ending that perfectly fit the series.
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message 1: by Deb (new) - rated it 1 star

Deb I gave a bad review and read it. I also love the idea of a coda. But to charge $8 for something that can be read in 20 minutes? Most of the bad reviews I've read are from people who were charged so much...for so little.

UltraMeital I agree with Deb. I read it and hated it! It's not about who Sookie chose at the end as the author changed the characters in a way they weren't true to themselves anymore! who cares if she gets to have children, that's not the point!
I too couldn't remember a lot of the characters and if so, it means that they were irrelevant. after what she did on the last book, she could have made a short novella with the important characters taken place a few years after the last one, but this? for 10$? sorry, that's just robing her audience. I'll NEVER read anything written by her.

Elizabeth (Miss Eliza) The price is immaterial because it was the publishers decision to release it as a separate book, and Charlaine's concern about people asking her questions forever is valid. Also I am sure there are super fans who know who all the characters are.

Also, personally, it is about who Sookie ends up with because it shows how she has changed. And it was true to herself! She is a girl of warmth and light and sun kissed, how would her ending up with any vampire be true to her?

But I am not here to argue. I liked the ending I liked this and it is your loss if you never read any of her other books (which in my mind are better then the Sookie books.)

UltraMeital Elizabeth (Miss Eliza) wrote: "The price is immaterial because it was the publishers decision to release it as a separate book, and Charlaine's concern about people asking her questions forever is valid. Also I am sure there are..."

In the beginning Sookie shows interest in Sam, but he is her boss she she prefers not to get involved with him because of that. That the only reason, since she can't REALLY hear his thoughts, not clearly anyway... So her ending up with him, IMO shows that the whole 13 books were simply a waste of time...
She could have ended up with another 2-Natured, it's not that she HAD to end up with Eric.. but anyway since Charlaine kept Eric from the second book as Sookie's love interest - to destroy it on the last 2 books seemed rushed and just didn't make any sense.

Elizabeth (Miss Eliza) Well, what other two-natured could it have been? Once upon a time, Alcide could have worked, but Charlaine made him more and more an asshole over time. I personally think that it was Sookie's journey that lead her to realize that what she needed was right in front of her all along.

message 6: by Jim (new)

Jim I thought she should be with Sam from the beginning; her not ending up with Eric wasn't the problem for me. I LOVED the first half dozen of the series. Not because they're great literature or anything....They were a fun but guilty pleasure. But after the 9th or 10th book, I couldn't go on with it. The writing got so much worse, in a way I've never seen before with another author. It felt, to me, like she ran out of ideas but kept going on anyway. So I can sympathize with people who trudged through the last few hoping that there would be a payoff eventually. Apparently though, things got worse after I stopped.

I wish she would have continued with the Harper Connely stories. I thought they were amazing.

Elizabeth (Miss Eliza) Oh, she might continue with Harper! The ending was a "for now" ending, she has plans apparently. Also, I think not only the lack of ideas but such a harsh deadline made the quality go down. Here's hoping she gets time to write and we get more Harper!

message 8: by Jim (new)

Jim Oh, didn't know that...Thanks!

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