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Brand-New Emily by Ginger Rue
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Oct 20, 2009

did not like it

Anyone who thinks that "Hannah Montana" is quality teen TV might go for this one. But for the rest of us, this requires far more "suspension of disbelief" than can be mustered.

Heroine Emily starts off as the girl everyone picks on. But once the first less than believable thing happens, everything falls into place.

Her uncle's a cop and she just happens to get the number to contact the publicity agent on a teen idol's closed movie shoot AND convinces her to let her interview the idol. On the set she somehow is in the right place at the right time to hear a key secret that could kill the career of a teen idol. And then, when she needs to get to NY to talk to the idol's publicity agent, she just HAPPENS to have a valuable bracelet belonging to her late mom lying around the house and has no problem selling it on line!

All the cliches are here--the high school boy who shouldn't really fall in love with her but does, the "mean girls"--I mean, for pete's sake, their leader is named "Heatherly"?, the "fat girl" who has moral integrity that Emily realizes means more than popularity, and, of course, there's the heart warming ending where Emily admits everything, Heatherly gets hers and Emily shares a mind blowing kiss with her true love. Oh, and did I mention that Emily writes poetry SO good that the teen idol decides he'll turn it into pop tunes and give her credit?

Impressionable teens will love this. But that doesn't mean it's a good book. And it isn't.

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