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Sing Me to Sleep by Angela Morrison
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Oct 19, 2009

it was amazing

** spoiler alert ** Sing Me to Sleep is a book that tears at your heart. Sounds painful, but when such a book keeps you reading late into the night, where you have tears rolling down your face, you know that author has written a work of art. Angela Morrison has written a timeless tale about young love, self worth and the beauty that is inside of us all, where that one person can come along and show us no matter what we look on the outside we have something to offer the world.

Beth has a lot to offer with her amazing singing voice, but not so much with her looks. Beth thinks she’s ugly, so much so that the kids at her school call her The Beast. She wears big glasses, has bad skin and hair that is a mess like the rest of her. One person who does care for her deeply is her best friend Scott. Beth doesn’t really understand why he’s friends with her because she is such a loser, but he doesn’t care and tells her so every chance he gets.

Things begin to turn around for Beth when she is given the chance to travel to Switzerland to compete in the Choral Olympics. The girls in the choir, who at first put Beth down, help her improve her looks. One of the girls, Meadow, who is rich and perfect in every way, becomes her fairy godmother and gives Beth a makeover of a lifetime. Now keep in mind, Beth tames her unruly hair, has a few cosmetic laser surgeries on her face to get rid of her acne scarring and a new wardrobe, but she isn’t miraculously changed into swan. She still thinks of herself as an ugly duckling, but at least people won’t automatically turn away from her in horror.

Before Beth goes to Switzerland, she makes contact with one of the boys from the Amabile Boys’ Choir who will also be competing in the Olympics. Derek, one of the choir boys chats with Beth on-line. She is interested in him but still wary. Derek doesn’t know what she looks like and she thinks the minute he sees her, he’ll make fun of her. She doesn’t think much will come out of it even though it’s nice to have Derek, who is considered quite handsome and popular, to be interested in her voice. Beth is not used to having such attention, especially from Scott, who’s not happy with her new look. Things begin to change between them and Beth becomes very confused, especially after he tries to kiss her after the prom. But before she figures out what Scott wants, off she goes to Switzerland.

Beth meets Derek face to face. Derek is star struck and finds her amazing. They spend all their free time together and begin to fall in love. Beth experiences the wonders of young love and those kisses and touches from Derek that she has been denied for so long. This is a fairy tale come to life for her and she can’t wait to go home and continue with Derek, who lives a short distance away from her. But when they return to their normal lives, their relationship grows rocky. Derek won’t let her meet his family, is sick at strange times and refuses to take the next step in their relationship, where Beth is willing to give him not only her heart but her body. She begins to think Derek is tired of her, but he keeps coming back and shows her how special she is to him with his wonderful kisses and words of admiration.

Beth knows Derek is hiding something and think he’s into drugs. Scott doesn’t like Derek for obvious reasons because he wants Beth and should be the only one sharing her kisses and dreams with. He begins to feed into her worries about Derek. He is keeping a major secret from her and the lies start to mount up, but not for the reason Beth thinks. Derek is living on borrowed time and doesn’t want Beth to know that each day could be his last.

Sing Me to Sleep is a very poignant romance that reminded me of the ugly duckling turning into a swan fairy tale. Even though Beth does become a swan in her own way, Derek isn’t attracted to her because of her looks. He loves her for what she embodies, from her innocence, her inner strength and her lovely singing voice that reminds him of the angels in heaven. Derek is there to push Beth into believing in herself and that she is someone to be cherished.

It’s hard to say why this book made such the emotionally impact it did on me. In part, it has to do with the character of Derek and what’s he’s hiding. That’s a big spoiler, which readers will probably figure out by the last quarter of the book. What Derek goes though is so very heartbreaking, especially for Beth because just as she finds her inner beauty and strength, he must leave her. Angela shows with the character of Derek why some people are in our lives for only a short moment of time. Because Derek and Beth are so in love with one another, they are very intimate with one another. These two can’t stop kissing and touching. It’s handled very well, even when the topic of sex comes up.

Beth can be too hard on herself and this may turn off some readers. But I could understand because of the way she has been treated by those around her and her own opinions of herself. Scott has an important part to play, just as much as Derek, but toward the end he was pushed to the side in a way I couldn’t understand. But the again, this helps cements the love Beth and Derek have for one another and the overall message Angela is trying to get across with their relationship.

Sing Me to Sleep is both uplifting and heartbreaking. I can’t help but compare Angela’s writing to Nicholas Sparks. A Walk to Remember specifically comes to mine when thinking of Sing Me to Sleep. The central ideas of love and devotion are so very strong. After you finish reading this story, the characters of Beth and Derek will stick with you for a long time after.
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Yola NY sad ending?

Katie(babs) Yola wrote: "sad ending?"

Yes, very sad ending :(

message 3: by Yola (new) - added it

Yola NY hmm, u mean that Beth and Derek wont be endep up together?? i know it's spoiler, but please tell me >.<

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