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How to Love by Katie Cotugno
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it was ok
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So... How to Love.
More like How to Be Infatuated With an Egocentric Jerk And Make One Bad Decision After The Next And Ruin Your Life.

I don't know, man. Does hating the main character and nearly everyone in the novel is enough reason to hate the book? *shrugs*
Okay, Lamar. What did you love about the novel?
The writing was good.
The exploration of a real, raw issue was interesting.
I liked Shelby, Aaron, and Soledad.
The color of the cover is beautiful.


He wanted so bad to be that bad-confident-funny guy but it's just not working for him. Don't get me wrong I like confident-funny guys ONLY when they're done right. He was the other confident guy, the pathetically confident boy. I did not appreciate the way he treated Reena, like he bought her for 5 bucks from the supermarket, like he owns her.
He just came back after nearly three years with no adequate apologies or explanations and shamelessly say "We're gonna do it, Reena. You know it. Eventually we're gonna do it. Sex, that it."
What. The. Fuck.

"Come sit with me, Reena." He commanded.
"Why?" Reena asked.
"Because I said so."

Very attractive, Sawyer. Very.

Look, I'm easy for romance, I'm a sure thing, but I still need to know what it is about the hero and heroine that makes them fall (irrevocably!) in love with each other. Let's face it Sawyer IS A WALKING PIECE OF SHIT.
Not for a second I felt like he really loved Reena.
(view spoiler)

And Reena..
I didn't go through this novel expecting the main character to always make good decisions or for her to be perfect BUT Reena was handful throughout the whole novel. You had a baby for god's sake I think that round thing inside your head should have grown up a little bit by now.
I bet she has no clue what "self-dignity" means honestly. He just came back after three years, didn't bother to call or anything, and she just throws herself at him.
There was no conversation at all about the way he treated her that short and terrible time they were together, definitely nothing about him doing anything real to make her risk being with him again.

I can totally re-act Reena:
I have a crush on Sawyer.
No, wait. I love him.
But he doesn't notice me... Maybe I should just throw myself at him.
*something happens regarding her best friend.*
Omg like my life suck so bad right now.
So Sad that Sawyer is gone.
Wait he's back.. TIME TO THROW MYSELF AGAIN *winks*
Totally kissed him.
Wha- What is he doing? Is he flirting with the girls in the bar? But he just kissed me.
Whatever. It was fine. Sawyer liked girls. Right now he liked those girls.
*a month later*
Weeeeeee in a relationship
Sawyer takes off again.
But oops I'm pregnant.
*three years later*
Sawyer is baaaaack bitchz.
Reena sees him *drools*
But I have a boyfriend, I totally see my future laid out there with him for me and Hannah.
"Umm babe I think we should stop seeing each other" Says Reena to her boyfriend.
God, I'm so frustrated with my life.
*spends some times with Sawyer*
Why am I doing this?
I do this every time I'm with him
Ugh fuck my life.

You know Reena? Maybe, just fucking maybe you could learn from your mistakes so you never do them again, maybe?
And maybe you could shut up and stop complaining about how your life sucks because you did that to yourself
And maybe have some self-respect and stop acting like you were born to please Sawyer.

Books should have good heroines, strong-independent people you get influenced by. Like if I was a pregnant 16 years old girl and read this... I honestly don't know what I'd do but throwing it in the trash is a real possibility, and Reena wasn't the greatest to read about.
There is no possible way I would want my teenage daughter to read this book. It totally misinterprets what love really is. This is more like infatuation when a young girl gives up her hopes and dreams for a drug taking rock band member and gets pregnant at 16. Good choice! It gets worse from here but I don't and to give it all away. It kept my interest because I was hoping this girl would actually come to her senses. This is not love.
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