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The Yankee Years by Joe Torre
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Oct 18, 2009

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There were some interesting anecdotes in this story, but for the most part, it is predominantly statistics and recaps of major games. The author (as I presume Joe Torre didn't do that much of the writing) is clearly biased to certain players, and many of the anecdotes are one-sided. It seems the author had strong opinions on certain players, and tried to tell as many stories as possible to show the reader that these individuals don't have good personalities or inner strength as a ballplayers. Some of the writing is rather repetitive. Additionally, it makes Joe Torre appear to be incredibly conceited. It was as if every decision he made was the right one, and every decision Steinbrenner made was wrong. Overall, it was interesting to get one insider's view on some of the personalities in the ball club, but I wouldn't take any of it for fact, particularly because it is half-written by Torre (who was fired from the ball club).

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