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Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe
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it was amazing
Read 2 times. Last read October 24, 2013.

Duré como el triple leyendo esto por hacerlo con un acento sureño, pero bueno, here´s the review:

Remember that part of the The Avengers, where Captain America says: "There's only one God, ma'am, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't dress like that."?

Well, Coach Rip´s book is something like that. The reasoning behind his training method just feels right. It´s like saying "Yes, sir" or "Thank you ma'am", or opening a door for a girl.

His method is reasonable, logical, described in a very clear way, not overwhelmingly technical, comes with the occasional joke a-la-Mark-Twain, every now and then.

Simply put, here´s what we got to do (alternating each week):

Workout A (monday and friday)
3 sets of 5 repetitions of the squat
3 sets of 5 repetitions of the bench press
1 set of 5 repetitions of the deadlift
Workout B (wednesday)
3 sets of 5 repetitions of the squat
3 sets of 5 repetitions of the overhead press
5 sets of 3 repetitions of the power clean

If you´re curious about this book, here´s a brief excerpt that should get you into buying it:

"It is May 15, and you decide that this year you are going to get a suntan – a glorious, beautiful, tropical suntan. So you decide to go out in the back yard (to spare the neighbors and innocent passers-by) to lay out at lunchtime and catch a ray or two. You lie on your back for 15 minutes and flip over to lie on your belly for 15 minutes. Then you get up, come in and eat lunch, and go back to work. That night, your skin is a little pink, so the next day you just eat lunch, but the following day you’re back outside for your 15 minutes per side sunbath. You are faithful to your schedule, spending 30 minutes outside every day that week, because that’s the kind of disciplined, determined person you are. At the end of the week, you have turned a more pleasant shade of brown, and, heartened by your results, resolve to maintain your schedule for the rest of the month.

So, here is the critical question: what color is your skin at the end of the month? It is exactly the same color as it was at the end of the first week. Why would it be any darker? Your skin adapts to the stress of the sun exposure by becoming dark enough to prevent itself from burning again, and it adapts to the stress that burned it. Your skin does not “know” that you want it to get darker; it only “knows” what the sun tells it, and the sun only talked to it for 15 minutes. It can’t get any darker than the 15 minutes makes it get, because the 15 minutes is what it is adapting to. If you just got darker every time you were exposed to the sun, we’d all be really, really dark, especially those of us who live in a sunny area, since we all get out of the car and walk into the house or work several times a day. The skin does not adapt to total accumulated exposure, but to the longest exposure. If you want to get darker, you have to stay out longer, in order to give the skin more sun exposure than it has already adapted to."
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