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Everyday, Average Jones by Suzanne Brockmann
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Oct 12, 2013

it was ok
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This book was such a disappointment. It started out great and exciting. The hero is a Navy SEAL. The heroine seemed smart and strong, up to the task of being equal partners with a Navy Seal built like a Greek god. That's how it started...

It deteriorated to not only a secret baby plot, but also a paranormal book apparently as Melody (the heroine) was apparently able to read the heroes thoughts, feelings, and true motivations, no matter what he said (yeah, major eye roll). I didn't mind the secret baby plot device so much, as I've seen it done well in other books before. However in this book it grew to hair pulling out, banging your head against the wall, throwing the book across the room proportions. So let's hash it out....

So Melody is pregnant with Cowboy's baby after he recuses her from the Middle East. Melody goes to the local gossip meal meeting and announces it to them, but doesn't even bother to give the father a heads up? Really?? She had built it up in her mind that he wouldn't want the baby. Wouldn't want her (even though he wanted to have a relationship with her and she broke it off). She had it built up in her mind that he only wanted to do the right thing by her out of some unmentioned code, and not out of a desire to get to know their child and be in that child's life. No matter what HE said, she was sure she knew his mind better than him. I cannot tell you how aggravating that merry-go-round of illogic became. I honestly didn't mind so much that she didn't want to marry him the minute he showed up. I would have been annoyed if she had caved so easily, but for her NOT to be willing to come up with some kind of compromise with him really was just selfish (and illegal, father's have parental rights too!)

Really the last straw for me was during a life or death situation mid-way through the book, during which Cowboy ordered Melody to safety, twice!!! While she just stood there. Now, ok, I will make room for the possibility that she was frozen by fear although that is not what we saw of her when they were in the Middle East. So afterwards he yells at her for not doing what she was told, and rightly so, clearly he was afraid for her. She instead has the nerve to lash out at him for ordering her around! Really?? He told her to go to safety but he's the bad guy?! And HE apologizes!! ugh!! After that point in the book, I flipped quickly through the rest of the book just to get to see how things would end with Andy (the kid in the book).

I have to say this one wasn't worth the read. Cowboy was practically a dream come true. Melody was a complete nightmare.

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