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Whiskey Rebellion by Liliana Hart
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Oct 12, 2013

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Honestly, Whiskey Rebellion is an interesting story. The plot is intriguing, the romance is on point, and the style of writing is perfect, simple, and comprehendible. Liliana Hart did a good job to help readers connect easily with the characters.
I love the fact that, Addison Holmes, the protagonist was able to conquer her challenges, - physically, and emotionally. Kudos to Nick Dempsey, the detective, and Addison’s mother who assisted her. Although, Addison Holmes started making bad decisions at the early age of eight, decisions like running away from home, - losing her virginity at the age of sixteen, - taking a job as a stripper to earn extra money, due to desperation, - selling condoms @ The Drug Mart. But those decisions did not cloud her vision. She is a character that does not fight for revenge, but she fights for injustice. The character’s use of words and word compares is lovely. E.G: My nipples came to attention, and I shivered as I thought about Nick Dempsey. He looked me over from head to toe like I was a specimen under a microscope.
The plot surrounded around the murder of Bernard Butler, Addison’s principal at The Foxy Lady, - a popular night club in Whiskey Bayou.
Talk of the sex scenes, ‘Hmmm.’I would say the writer is good at writing sex scenes, they are so erotic. I wonder if she had gone to the school of sex. Read this: ‘We attacked each other as soon as we reached my front door. If I hadn’t gotten my key in the door in another thirty seconds, Nick would have taken me where we stood, and that would have been perfectly all right with me. Nick slammed the door shut with his foot and pushed me against the wall, his hands everywhere at once and his lips fused to my own.“God, I want you,” Nick panted as his lips made their way down to the valley between my breasts.
I wasn’t capable of rational conversation, so I pulled off his shirt and ran my hands over his torso. I didn’t protest at all as the straps from my sundress slipped over my shoulders and the bodice fell below my breasts. All I cared about was having a Nick induced orgasm. When the heat of his mouth found my nipple, my knees gave out and Nick had to press me harder against the wall so I wouldn’t fall in a gooey puddle to the floor. I worked his belt free and unbuttoned his pants so I could feel what I needed inside me with my hands. “Please—please,” I begged.
I protested when Nick kept my hands from stroking his shaft. “Stop, baby, I won’t last, and I need to be inside you right now.”I agreed whole-heartedly, so I wrapped one leg around his waist. He had my dress pushed up far enough to see that the expense of an underwear of the month club membership was well worthwhile. I was in the perfect position to feel a strange and erotic sensation coming from the front of his pants.’ I was looking forward to the final copulation when something interrupted the sex flow, I got mad. I equally hate that interruption as much as the characters do. These scenes get me in the mood.
‘I looked over Nick’s hard body, and sorely tempted. He was laid out on the stone bench like offering (funny), his chest naked, and the bulge behind his zipper swollen to the point that it looked painful. His eyes were clouded with lust, and his breath was labored. He looked good enough to eat, and I groaned as I argued my wants against my morals.’ These lines of metaphors possess strong sex desire.
I am not really satisfied with the end; I’m a reader who loves ending with what I predict, especially if the novel is predictable at some point. Although, I love the fact that the killer of Addison’s principal, Mr. Bernard Butler was found and arrested, but I was expecting the writer to tell more about the love and romance life of between Addison Holmes and Nick Dempsey. How they eventually got married, played some game of love, and finally had a sweet sex. Nevertheless, the book is exciting. I will advice you readers that when you are reading the sex scenes, please, don’t read alone, make sure read it with your partner beside else the writer will not be hold responsible for what may happen. I had an experience, and it wasn’t funny.
The writer did a good job with the editing, but she should have also paid attention to the proofreading as well, few were left undone. In all, the book is good, fun, and breathtaking.

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