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As the World Burns by Derrick Jensen
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Oct 08, 2009

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This graphic novel is a bit of a blow to most 'greenies.' People who change a light bulb and want to think they're changing the world might want to avoid this book. Even though the title is 50 things to do to stay in denial the authors are quick to take your denial and crush it in their informed fists. It is more than demoralizing for fans of Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth, it picks apart everything the movie cites as something an individual could do to help save energy and create less of a carbon footprint. I found it unsurprising that changing the lightbulbs, taking shorter showers, using only cold water for laundry, etc, etc, wasn't going to make a huge difference, but mainly because I believe that there is no way that a large portion of people will do that stuff. The authors did the math (something I'm terrible at doing) and figured out that even if every American citizen did every single thing on the list of 50 energy saving things, even then, they wouldn't be able to impact the amount of carbon American's use.

But they don't just give sad truth's, they point to the real culprit's and what may be needed to really make an impact on our carbon emissions. The enemy: corporations. The solution: Stop killing animals and people who are in the way of production. Stop using people and animals as commodities and test subjects. There is so much more, stop using the environment as fuel. The solution would call for many changes that would affect daily life as we currently know it. Complete return to harmony with nature, no cell phones, computers, televisions, vehicles, plastic bags, plastic money...some things that I don't know if I would want to live without...

The most disturbing thing, for me, though were the scenes involving the animal labs, and vivisection. That should be stopped. I don't want or need any drugs or products that test on animals. If something cannot be cured without keeping a dog's head alive in a jar then too bad. No cure is worth treating animals like that. I wish there were a one-eyed avenging bunny to rescue the animals in that torture.

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