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Pyramids by Terry Pratchett
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Oct 08, 2009

really liked it
Read in October, 2009

This is my kind of book. If was fun, adventurous, exciting, and just great fantasy. Terry Pratchett is a great author. I'm glad that my English teacher suggested that I should read books that I haven't read before. Terry Pratchett's books, for example.
In the Discworld series, Teppic, who was at the time, training to be an assassin. At the start of the book, Teppic is taking a test to see if he really is a proper assassin, if he can kill quickly and discreetly. The instructor of the test is none other than one of his own teachers. He is told what to do and the instructor disappears, the hunt is on. As every assassin knows, don't walk on the ground, be quiet, and never take the stairs, Teppic decides to take to the rooftops. After a little bit of searching and avoiding traps, he reaches his destination. Now all he has to do is shoot the instructor and pass the test. He knows that he can't kill without some kind of emotion, so he aims the crossbow at a nail in the floor, a little to the right of the target, and shoots. The arrow hits the nail and bounces off, it then hits the wall and again bounces off, after the wall it lands point down into a bed. Somehow the instructor gets up, writes a couple things down, tares the paper off, leaves it on the ground, and leaves. Teppic waited a little bit before he went down to pick his test results up. He passed. When he gets back to the Guild of Assassins, his friend Chidder is there. They go out to celebrate his success and get drunk. Instead of taking the short way home, they take a circuitous route. They pass over a bridge to empty their stomachs, Teppic realizes that they are being followed. Even though most people in Ankh-Morpork know to leave any assassins alone. There are some places in town that think if you kill an assassin, you will be rewarded greatly. Which is what the five stalkers had on their mind. Somehow the three of them get away, something to do with a seagull and the fact that Teppic is the son of a God. Teppic passes out and gets taken to a doctor (don't know what they were called back then), whos says that he was dead. He was breathing, his heart rate was off the charts, and he suddenly sat up. The doctor was still convinced that he was dead. Teppic said that his Dad was dead and he needed to get home. Where ever he walked something grew.

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