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Blood Red Road by Moira Young
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Blood Red Road for me was such a difficult book to get to grips with. The first half I found myself very uninterested and annoyed with the characters and the plot, I actually confess to dropping it for a few days because I just wasn't impressed. I was so sure that this was another The Knife of Never Letting Go, a hugely hyped, loved book by the book community and one that I don't like, however, after about 230 pages, the plot did improve and I began to like the characters a little more than originally. It was just a very difficult book for me to get to grips with my feelings with.

The first 200 pages focused entirely on Saba's brother Lugh and if I'm plainly honest, it frustrated me to the point were I would have launched myself, the book and my life against a wall, seriously, I was sick to the back teeth of every action Saba made, every feeling she felt, and everything she thought of being revolved around Lugh. How would Lugh feel? What would Lugh do? I miss Lugh? You know what Saba, I'm sick of your moping and whinning, just find him and go home. So just when I thought this book couldn't get any worse, it did improve, and amazingly, my feelings towards Saba changed a hell of a lot. She began to make decisions for herself and became a strong character, focusing on her task at hand, and learning to trust others on her journey to find her brother. I think if there was ever a character that I started off wanting to murder to one who I was proud of, it would be Saba, she really brought the whole story together and became something I could never have seen in the first half of the book. She became herself.

The only real thing that kept me reading was my catching of a disease called 'caring-about-the-characters', and boy, this disease is damn catchy, you should avoid it were possible. Even when I was disliking almost every aspect of the story, the sense of family and forming important bonds was highlighted throughout and I loved it. Throughout the story, Saba discovered that she wasn't and didn't have to as alone as she thought she did, and she learnt that there is more to your world than family, especially one person. She discovered that she had the strength and the passion to do things for herself. She learnt and remembered that she had another sibling and in the end, discovered just how she was her to throughout everything, the message that family sticks together was extremely strong throughout this book too. She also discovered that there people out there that needed her, and people out there that she needed, and yes, she found a romance, but that didn't take over the story or message for me, although it did play quite a large part in Saba learning the trust.

The style of writing itself can be quite difficult to get into, but after a few chapters, it becomes easy to follow and relate to, and while the plot itself, for me, was driven by a lack of adventure and more a refusal to be alone in Saba's case, the small amounts of action scenes involved were exciting and thrilling and the world building was interesting and vivid, all be it very sandy and red. I did enjoy the scenes were Saba fought for her life, as this highlighted the world she lived in and just how little life meant to people in charge, and how important survival was, and difficulties in fighting for it.

'For fans of The Hunger Games' seems very apparent on the covers on the books in this series, and having considered the The Hunger Games recently, will I be pleasantly impressed with it, or will, much like this book, feel a little disappointed? We shall have to see. Overall, in the right hands, this book is fantastic, however, if you can't wait half a book for a story to really start, then this probably isn't for you.

3.5 Stars.
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