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Beautiful Misery by Chandin Whitten
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did not like it
bookshelves: dnf-but-read-ending, wattefokisdit, wish-i-didnt-read, needs-complete-editing-overhaul, no-just-no-no-no, 2-heroines, he-loves-2-or-3-hs-swear-2-gawd, not-romance, death-of-main-character, 2-ow, 0-stars-if-possible, cover-used-b4-or-seems-same, cookie-cutter-plot-characters, couldnt-connect-with-characters, edit-punctuation-unedited, edit-no-contractions, disliked-hero, dying-heroine, edit-needed, 1st-pg-chpts-ow-sex-intimte-scene, every1-sleeps-with-every1, edit-sentence-structure-syntax, ermagherd-ohmygod, every-cliched-plot-arc-device, hero-arrogant-self-absorbed, he-sleeps-with-ow-and-h, he-cares-about-the-ow, frustrating-read, he-is-extremely-attracted-to-ow, hero-with-baggage, hero-loves-ow-om, hero-cries-for-ow-om, hero-cares-abt-someone-else, hero-has-multiple-sex-ptners, i-wanted-needed-to-like-this-bk, high-hopes-fell-flat, heroine-with-issues, heroine-not-his-first-love, heroine-merely-a-convenience-to-him, writin-style-negatively-simplistic, nee-fok-man, new-adult, narrative-1st-person, immature-voices, one-night-stand-pregnancy, no-bond-btwn-mcs, not-working-for-me, not-feelin-true-love, over-17-sexual-content, pregnant-heroine, sex-as-a-crutch-hero, ow-is-a-main-focus, sex-scene-with-om, sex-scene-with-ow, story-didnt-live-up-2-expectations, stds-anyone, she-sleeps-with-h-and-om-ow, writin-dialogue-stilted, tearjerker-moment, too-many-ow-om, too-much-happening, edit-book-unedited-or-rough-draft, unlikable-hero, trainwreck, weak-hero, edit-very-seriously-lacking, unsatisfying-read, very-run-of-the-mill, unlikable-heroine, what-a-pity, weak-heroine, writin-style-nfm, bookclub-buddyread-dnf-or-disliked

** spoiler alert ** This is a first for me. In this book the hero believes he loves 3 women. Like, I'm-dying-without-you kinda love. For each heroine. He marries one, buries her, and is rearing to go 5 months later.
Many plots: one night stand pregnancy, unsure who the baby's father is, unrequited love, terminal illness, death, etc, etc.

This is a first for me too:
“Gage sucked in a breath. “I can’t lose you Cobie. I won’t lose you.”
“Gage, you’re not losing me. I will always be with you. I have cancer and I’m going to die within a year.”


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