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it was amazing

Honestly, Emily's story is a hard one to write, but it is one that must be told. Her life is one worth reading about and learning from in spite of the atrocities carried out against her and the people she loves and no matter how gut-wrenching they are for us. Emily's fictional tale is a gentle reminder that there are women - in this country and others - who are not given the same freedoms that most of us take for granted... that there are men who think of women as property rather than equals.

I also believe that Emily's trials and tribulations are ones that she must endure (and we must bear witness to) in order for us to appreciate the risks she takes, the sacrifices she makes, and the lengths she will go to make sure all women - not just her and Tess - of the commune have basic rights.

The fact that there are people outside of the commune joining her in her fight gives me a strong sense of justice and reinforces the fact that there are people in the world who do not look away when they see people who are in trouble. They are the characters who give me hope that Emily's life will one day be different.

For your entertainment, I've included pictures of the main characters as I envision them and a brief summary of the traits and characteristics that make them amazing!

Emily Ador Riddle

Emily is described as tall and naturally beautiful. Her puppy dog eyes are so sad that everyone who meets her feels the sorrow that's such a part of her that it might well be a second skin. Unfortunately, the things Emily's seen prevent her from being the happy-go-lucky girl she would be if she weren't a slave to the men of the commune and she hadn't been made to witness atrocities that have changed her life forever. Like any good hero, Emily uses the injustices she's witnessed and the ones she suspects are occurring to strengthen her resolve. She insists on a better life... not just for herself but also for the other women of the commune, and she takes matters into her own hands to get what she wants.

Emily's life is so miserable, her world is so horrific, and her losses are so great that readers will not be able to keep themselves from pulling for her and hoping and praying that the men of the commune get their due. Even more than revenge, the readers will want to see Emily get her well-deserved happily ever after.

Elijah Tope Bryson

Tope is dark, brooding, and brunette. Here's the thing... he is so much more than the sum of his physical characteristics. The characteristics most important and most difficult to convey are the ones that make Tope a character that will have people coming back time and time again. Rather than tell the reader that Tope is kind to anyone and everyone, that he has the patience of a saint, and that he has a protective instinct when it comes to Emily, I've created actions and reactions that prove what a wonderful person he is. With them, the readers see that he is absolutely worthy of becoming a book boyfriend favorite.

Noah R. Babineaux

Noah is the tattooed biker boy who wants what he wants, and he wants Emily. Unlike the other men, he doesn't buy into the notion that the commune needs to be patriarchal. He's convinced it would run better if the women were allowed to make their own decisions and be treated with the respect they deserve. Like Tope, his morals and his ethics make him endearing (no matter how cocky he is). His determination to protect Emily from the men of the commune... to sacrifice himself in order to do that... will have readers falling for him and wondering which man Emily should chose.
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