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Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder
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Oct 05, 2009

it was amazing
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Recommended for: Fans fo Hunger Games and Graceling

Poison Study is a shinning example of what YA fiction should aspire to be. This book was fantastic all across the board. Great writing, wonderful compelling plot, and interesting multifaceted characters. I didn’t want to put it down.

If you’re anything like me, I was reluctant to read a book about a food taster. After all, how interesting could a story about eating potentially deadly food be? That corny cover didn’t help sooth my reluctance either. Luckily, this book is so much more than food tasting. There’s magic, murder, mystery, corruption, secrecy and love interwoven throughout this book and it makes for an excellent adventure.

I am also very pleased to note that this book contains a fantastic and worthy heroine, Yelena. Strong, intelligent and endearing heroines are increasingly rare in a genre filled with silly girls who follow their immortal hunks to crazy pastures. Yelena; however, is no follower. She is a resourceful survivor and never once did she cause me to grit my teeth in frustration. I cannot tell you how elated that made me. Yelena is as close to flawed perfection any character could be. Her handsome counterpart Valek wasn’t too shabby either nor was the secondary characters of Ari or Janco, which were stalwart, loyal and kind.

There are some darker themes in Poison Study. Yelena is a murderer with a tragic and haunting past which is revealed gradually through out the story. I was a bit surprised to see descriptions and allusions to horrific tortures, including rape in a YA story, but I feel as though it belongs there as they are issues that sadly, some young adults are forced to face. All in all, this was a fantastic satisfying read and I will be sure to read the sequels.
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Tatiana Seeing how much you liked Fire, I now think you might enjoy this one as well

Heather That's what I was thinking :)

Tatiana Just like in Fire, the romance part is a little understated, but I really liked the world building. I think I am acquiring taste for fantasy.

message 4: by Heather (last edited Nov 11, 2009 10:23AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Heather Oh my Gawd, hades has frozen over, lol.

But seriously, I'm glad :)

Tatiana No, I mean real fantasy, not paranormal romance crap with paper thin mythology and a lot of snogging:)

Heather Yeah, yeah, I knew what you meant, but the other isn't too far behind :)

Heather And don't forget the walls, and snark and brooding :)

Tatiana Yeah, that too, naturally:)

Tatiana Did you read any pages of it?

Heather Yes, but only 20. I was tired.

So far so good though :)

Tatiana Good. I hope you like it.

Heather Me too, I think I will. You can usually tell within the first chapter or so.

Tatiana Hopefully you won't flip-flop like I did with IE:)

Heather Me too. I leave the flip-flopping to you :)

Michael (Mai) I just finished the series and I really liked it.

Heather I'm really enjoying this one thus far

Tatiana 5 stars? I am happy:)

I don't think it was conceived as YA, it was later re-published with YA label. I don't think it's a YA book in any way. Otherwise you can call Bitten YA too. Plus, the font is small:)

Heather Yes but in Bitten, #10 is vividly described whereas here, it's fade to black. And the terrible things that happen to her happen when she is in her teens and she is only 19 in this book, which is still a young adult. I was surprised that they paired her with a 32 or 33 year old, but that happens someetimes in life.

Tatiana She is an adult, therefore I don't care about his 32-33. They both are adults so it's an adult book for me. I'd prefer some detailed #10 instead of fades into black:)

Snyder's other trilogy (Glass) on the other hand is written for YA - that's what I've heard at least.

Heather I was kinda hoping for some detailed #10 too, lol.

And I agree, I wasn't bothered by the age difference.

Tatiana Yeah, if she was 16, that's different, but she is definitely over 18, so who cares as long as Valek is hawt:)

I've been meaning to read the second book forever. I even have it at home. Do you want it? Do you feel like continuing on right away?

Heather I would love that, lol. Did you buy it?

I loved Valek, loved him, and like I said earlier, he has one of the steamiest declarations of lurve I have ever read...

"But you have slipped under my skin, invaded my blood and seized my heart. "


Tatiana No, I didn't buy it. Same library. I'll send it to you tomorrow. How can I hold it back if you are in such throws of lurve for Valek:)

Tatiana Yeah, and you need to find a real-life model to continue obsessing over him I think:)

Heather I don't know, lol. I'm on the wrack of Lurve for the Assassin God :)

Heather Tatiana wrote: "Yeah, and you need to find a real-life model to continue obsessing over him I think:)"

Tell me about it, lol

Tatiana I also have 2 short stories. Don't know how they are related to other books in the trilogy. Let me know if you need a quick fix:)

Heather Are they about Valek? :)

Tatiana I am not sure. I think one of them is. I haven't read them yet:)

Heather Okay, send them on too. It's like a mini Xmas, lol.

Tatiana On the way. Let me know if they are good or not.

Heather I just got them and you know I will :)

Albie46 I liked this series too. Just finished Sea Glass a week ago. That was some slogging to get that finished. I don't think it feels like more of YA than the study series, and while I thought it was quite good, i certainly didn't feel it was as gripping as Poison study.
I read somewhere that they are being marketed as a companion series, rather than 'sequel' sort of books, but I would think you definitely need to read all the Yelena books to get most of the things that are discussed in Sea Glass.

Heather Good to know. I'm planning to start that series as soon as I finish Magic and Fire Study.

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