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My Soul to Take by Rachel Vincent
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Oct 04, 2009

it was amazing
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Why yes I'm a sucker for a book that wants to deal with a paranormal element not previously done to extremeness--in this case the bean sidhe, or Banshee. Its not that I'm not still into vampires, werewolves, the Fey, witches...its just that it seems every time I turn around there's a NEW series or book or trilogy out dealing with one of the above. Technically the bean sidhe are part of the Fey, but when I say 'the Fey' I mean fairies. I grew up on tales of Underhill and Fairy rings and banshees from my granny and mother. To my granny it was less a fairy tale and more a reality that folks would disappear into the night and not be seen again for years. Realistic explanation or not these things happened and the Fey were blamed for it.

My Soul To Take begins as if you missed a section of the book--relationship wise, not plot wise. Kaylee is out with her best friend and the hottest guy in school starts chatting her up and then suddenly is her new Knight in Shining Armor. Literally. He's saving her, helping her deal with her 'anxiety attacks', defending her, sitting with her at school...she wasn't exactly a complete social zero, but she was really close and he was definitely not. Later Nash explains the sudden change in attention, but I felt very much like Kaylee did for some of the book, as if at any moment Nash and his popular friends (Kaylee's cousin included) would call 'PRANK!' and humiliate her.

I really enjoyed the book overall however. I think it was great how the legend is used and interpreted--banshees get a bad rap by in large, but in My Soul To Take, they are given a better role. I won't explain how, except that they help people. If I said too much more I'd be giving away spoilers.

For some the pop culture references will go over their head--for instance there's a reference to The Princess Bride that may or may not be understood by the intended reader audience (is that still popular with today's teens? I honestly don't know.), but otherwise I think the portrayal of teens and their peculiar social habits are portrayed really well. The social bi-polarism of Kaylee and her cousin are leagues apart and you can feel that, just like you can feel the wariness of Nash (firmly entrenched with the 'popular' kids) jumping ranks to hang with the not so popular kids.

There are a number of curve balls thrown about both Nash's family and Kaylee's family. The person who is behind everything I suspected once certain truths about the family life came out. I almost felt bad because really the situation was unfair and bound to create issues. The attempt at redemption at the end was, as Kaylee said, too little too late. It too was almost selfish in a way.

The relationship between Nash and Kaylee begins as a relationship of unequals--he clearly understands way more then she does and uses that as a way to keep her coming back despite her fears and qualms. As Kaylee understands more and takes a more proactive approach to her power, the relationship balances out and it makes for a smoother reading.

I am heartily looking forward to My Soul to Save, book 2 due out in January 2010!
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