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The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong
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I'm a bit ambivalent about this one. I enjoyed parts of the story. It's not particularly inventive, but the characters are engaging. I mean, a home, a gathering, a school of people with supernatural powers isn't cutting edge here... but the people in the story are alot of fun. Chloe makes for an ok narrator, although at times her sheltered life made me want to smack her (Matchbooks... Hello! Who doesn't know how to strike a match! How long does it take to explain that someone can't strike a match, Armstrong! It was too long.). Derek was more fun to read than Simon, which makes me think that Armstrong is turning him into the love interest for Chloe, puberty smackdown and all...

Like I said, I'm a bit torn. I'm not gunning to read the next one, but I would be interested to read more of Armstrong. Overall, the book was about 45 pages too long for my taste. As soon as Armstrong revealed the over arcing plot about finding Simon and Derek's supernatural parents ( about 250-300 pages in) I wanted to be on that journey...and I still had to wait another 100 pages. Boo.

I think I'll take a break, read something else, and in a week or two see if my curiousity warrants a read on "The Awakening". If for nothing else, I want to see if Chloe ends up with the big lunk Derek.

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