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Hush Little Baby by Suzanne Redfearn
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I would actually give this book 3 1/2 stars. I felt it was slow to start, and got slow in the middle. There was definitely parts of the book that you couldn't turn the pages fast enough but not enough of them. Other parts it seemed to me that it went on too long, and really wasn't that important to the story. Overall, I would say it was a good story but not worthy of the reviews I have read.
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message 1: by Tina (new) - added it

Tina Weaver I think a lot of times reviews are subjected to the emotions the book brings to us. Not many readers are authors or writers so they become immersed in the story. Slow times, as you put it, are a chance to take a breath away from the intensity. You may be very right in your review, but looking at the others, I see you might critique it from the writer's POV and not just a reader's

Judy Tina,

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But, in looking at your profile, it doesn't appear that you have even read this book! I am not a writer, I don't claim to be a writer, nor do I want to be a writer. My opinion was strictly from a readers standpoint.

message 3: by Julie Spady (new)

Julie Spady Just curious Tina, how can you comment on a persons review when you haven't read the book yourself?? You might agree with her.

message 4: by Tina (new) - added it

Tina Weaver Did I say I hadn't read it? I made a general comment based Judy's comment. Boy, are you all moody. I have a thick skin, most of the time, since I believe you only learn from constructive critisism. Judy, your comment fit exactly what I said. You see the slow time as a negative. I understand that, as I want to make sure the slow times I write aren't boring or dull but are giving the reader a time to grab a breath before the next action takes place. I'm sorry you didn't think the book kept you turning the page. That happens.

Samantha Adonizio I realize that the lasts comments on the post are two years old, however I just want to throw in my two cents. I am currently reading this book and came on to read some reviews to see other thoughts/opinions on the story. Judy's review hit the nail on the head for me. I too, think this book is incredibly slow going at some parts. So slow going for me that I can't seem to really get into it. I am on Chapter 16 and have yet to see much "action" aside from two short parts. That being said, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. What works for some, doesn't work for all. If you enjoy a book that's slow glowing then that's great, but not everyone does. It doesn't make either person, right or wrong. Just a difference of opinion :)

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