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Burn Bright by Marianne de Pierres
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it was ok
bookshelves: young-adult, confused, dystopian

(OK, so if you wanna read this book spoiler free then don't read this review)


Right...So this book was ok, it had an interesting concept, but I was basically overloaded with erroneous details, cardboard personalities, tedious inner-monologues (I do not like reading paragraphs about how shy Retra is or how hot some guy is) and sparse and confused descriptions. My head was spinning.

World building
Retra lives in a district that is closed off from the world, where everything is shit, a watcher-man even lives in her house, spies on her while she changes and stuff...but nobody picks up the signs that Retra is self-harming (to make herself stronger) everyday and is going to follow her big bro across the water to the land of ever-night & party-on.
(I love the queen).

Anyway she runs away, despite the pain-giving strip in her leg, using the signs on the torn up fliers that everybody can read, except I presume her parents didn't bother to keep an eye out for them because otherwise surely they would have kept a better eye on their little girl? Right?

The different districts are purposefully vague, only ever giving us random hints, because Retra is incredibly naive about her own land, and therefore we are also kept in the dark. This also works as a clever device for De Pierres not to have to bother to elaborate on her very confusing world.

Ixion itself was dark with some creepy elements that could have potential, the monsters in the shadows, the scary/hot guardians and the drugs handed out in the confessionals. Everything sounded relatively cool, but to me anyway, it came off flat. I dunno, I have partied a lot, and I am sure the author has as well so I am not questioning her investigative skills, but I wasn't convinced by the teens more trippy moments. It also basically missed out Retra's come-down, or show any signs of addiction with the other kids, just in general I wasn't feeling it. Maybe it could have been expanded?

Character development:
This book to me was supposed to centre around Retra's sexual awakening, her development from a timid, reserved, naive and boring teen into something closer to a woman, more empowered, more sexualised, wiser and confident.
She leaves the confinements of her home only in order to follow her brother, she has no desire to party or let loose. Which is fine, YAWN, sorry excuse me, what was I saying? Oh yeah, her friend was much cooler and interesting. That was all.

Retra's relationship with Lenoire really really creeped me out, the way he brought her to climax in order to save her life was too odd. I hate it in a book when you are just told something, like: she's bleeding out and the only sure way to cure her is for her guardian-stalker to make her orgasm. Quick, medic? Bring the lube she's flat lining! Oh and BTW now she is bonded to him FOREVER!

Basically I just did not find Retra's character at all fluid, one minute she was being judgemental or frigid (sorry I hate that word) and the next she was being ballsy and bad-ass; then she turns into Naif, who is equally annoying but in a different way.
Please don't get me wrong I don't believe that you have to be wild and out going to be a strong character; I think it is more just about being in control of who you are, avoiding being a hypocrite and knowing what you want. I never felt like Retra was in control of who she was.


I am the wrong person to ask:
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mark monday agree!

Kitty (I solemnly swear that I am up to no good) mark wrote: "agree!"

Thanks Mark!

I have been thinking about the book today during my nursing lectures, and I don't think it is helpful to stimulate somebody sexually and bring them to organsm while their femoral artery is gushing -unless you want more blood to rush to that area!!!
Like, oh, maybe increasing her endorphins will heal her magically...I mean SERIOUSLY! If only that was the case. But It is not.

I understand authors are allowed some artistic liscence...but somethings have to make proper sense, they can't just rewrite biological rules willynilly just to make the book exciting. This makes me so angry!

sorry for the big rant in reply to your one word comment :/

mark monday I liked the rant!

Navessa So happy to not be alone in my dislike of this. I agree with everything you said, great review.

Kitty (I solemnly swear that I am up to no good) Litchick (is going to Hogwarts) wrote: "So happy to not be alone in my dislike of this. I agree with everything you said, great review."

Thanks Cory...yeah this book was ridiculous, and the more I think about it the angrier I get!

Navessa Yuuuup! I had to cut myself off in my review because the more I thought about it and re-read my notes, the more I wanted to bitch. I really expected to like this one :(

Kitty (I solemnly swear that I am up to no good) Yeah so did I...I'm usually a fan of Australian lit. Oh least we have some hardcore HP to look forward to! (and then months of moping when it's over, thinking about reading fanfic as a substitute before just burning our selves out watching the films over and over and over.)

Navessa I'm terrified of the HP hangover. I think it might be the worst book hangover ever because of all the excitement of the group tacked onto it. O_O

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